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Brochures/Catalogues - Business-to-Business
Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Summer Night Haiku Reading
"Thunder Night Fever! Art Book for Haiku-Reading Event"
Corporate Name of Client: Mitsubishi Estate
Agency: Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Design Company: Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Graphic Designers: Yoshihiro Yagi/Yo Kimura
Account Executive: Kosaku Miyata
Production Company: Katachi Co. Ltd.

Basic description of the project:
To refresh the image of haiku, Japan's traditional poetry form, through design work, we held the "Thunder Night fever!" summer haiku reading party. Our idea was: In its 17 phonetic letters, a haiku must always include one seasonal word. Thunder, one of the seasonal words for summer, is symbolized by a zigzag pattern for lightning. A collection of artwork that suggests or is associated with thunder/lightning was compiled into a B4 size, 62-page book.

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