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Entrant: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo
SONY Recycle Project Jeans
"The Wall Sale"
Corporate Name of Client: Sony Marketing Japan
Client Account Director: Ryuichiro Takase
Agency Account Directors: Akio Koda/Yoshikazu Majima/
         Takehiko Kawakubo
Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo
Design Company: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Kentaro Kimura
Associate Creative Directors: Kazuaki Hashida/Yusuke Shimizu
Design Director: Ken Funaki
Copywriter: Koichiro Iizuka
Art Director: Ken Funaki
Graphic Designer: Norihisa Yamaguchi
Photographers: Kei Mizuta/Toshiya Hiramatsu/
         Takanori Sato/Misato Noro/
         Sayaka Sakata/Shingo Kato

Basic description of the project:
We regenerated a giant tarp of advertising at the Sony Building in Ginza to Sony Recycle Project JEANS. What is the best display design to communicate the concept of this activity? Design the display to sell them at the place of origin: Sony Building’s wall. That is “farm fresh”. So we aimed to gain a better understanding for the recycling concept by the display design, selling at where the ad was run. As of end of November, we have sold the target number of 90 pairs. Advertising media cost is none, but we got the publicity over $400,000 worth.

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