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Direct Mail – Consumer
Entrant: Target Marketing & Communications, St. John's
CSTN - Non Profit Organization
Corporate Name of Client: Canadian Sea Turtle Network
Client Account Director: Kathleen Martin
Agency Account Director: Jennifer Pittman
Agency: Target Marketing & Communications, St. John's Newfoundland
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Executive Creative Director: Jenny Smith
Copywriter: Jenny Smith
Art Director: Bruce Hamilton

Basic description of the project:
The creative execution tied directly into the work the CSTN is doing. They work side-by-side with local fishermen to disentangle leatherback turtles from commercial fishing gear. The only way to free them is to cut the fishing nets. The execution of the direct mail piece included real fishing net material that was specially tied to ‘trap’ the National Geographic magazine containing the article about the CSTN’s work. The only way recipients could read the article and retrieve the personally addressed, handwritten note was to cut the net or ‘free’ the leatherback story inside.

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