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Silver Winner

Direct Mail – Business-to-Business
Entrant: Grey Vancouver, Vancouver
GGRP Sound
"Cardboard Record Player"
Corporate Name of Client: Griffiths, Gibson & Ramsay Productions
Agency Account Director: Genevieve Louden
Agency: Grey Vancouver, Vancouver
Associate Creative Director: Geoff Dawson
Art Director: Andrew McKinley

Basic description of the project:
The challenge was, to demonstrate that an historic sound design shop can still deliver creativity in sound? We built a record player made from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard and engaged creatives from across North America in an experience of sound. The piece unfolds to form a player, the record is spun by inserting a pencil into a hole drilled in to the record and the vibrations are amplified by the cardboard material. The results exceeded all expectations as direct response was over 90%; it ran on over 500 blogs;YouTube views and website traffic increased by 70,000.

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