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Bronze Winner

Use of Typography
Entrant: SenseTeam, Shenzhen
"X Exhibition"
Corporate Name of Client: SGDA (Shenzhen Graphic Design Association)
Client Account Director: Yvonne Zhong
Design Company: SenseTeam, Shenzhen China
Chief Creative Officer: Hei Yiyang
Creative Director: Hei Yiyang
Design Director: Hei Yiyang
Art Director: Hei Yiyang
Graphic Designers: Hei Yiyang/Liu Zhao/
         Zhao Meng/Zhan Ting/
         Huang Muqiu/Li Jia
Photographer: Zhang Qing
Typographers: Hei Yiyang/Liu Zhao

Basic description of the project:
X Exhibition is one of the branches of GDC serial activities, exhibited 11 designers from 5 countries, theirs works are vary from posters, music, installation and so on, X Exhibition use the light characters as the pricipal design element, Different modulus of the tube spell the entire exhibition information.These lamps symbolizes the play and spray of creativity. Represents the extension’s endless possibilities. Extend from the main image, The lamp as a design element in the space, carrying different functions, firstly, use the lamps to spell exhibitors’ name as a dividers to separate the whole region of space.

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