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Non-Traditional Campaign
Entrant: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
"Art Promotion", "Art Film", " Assembly Training"
Corporate Name of Client: IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg/Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg
Executive Creative Directors: Ralf Heuel/Arno Lindemann
Creative Director: Tom Hauser
Copywriters: Tom Hauser/André Hennen/
         Heiko Notter
Art Directors: Oliver Brkitsch/Jan Woelfel/
         Stefan Schoembs/Tim Hartwig/
         Moritz Tolle
Graphic Designer: Josefine Nitsch
Photographers: Marie-Therese Cramer/Stefanie Abts
Producer: Juergen Joppen
Production Company: NatalieBuba
Post Production: Andi Mall/Gwen Teichmann
Post Production Company: Slaughterhouse, Hamburg
Animation Company: Cobblestone, Hamburg
Animation: Sven Schoenmann
Cutter: Dennis Riebenstahl
Director: Silvio Helbig
Editor: Josch Kretzschmar
Sound Studio: Thomas Hahn (Hahn Nitzsche)
Composer: Joep Beving
Advertiser's Supervisors: Claudia Willvonseder/Hendrik Zimmer/Sebastian Mensing
Filmproduction: JoSchmid!Berlin

Basic description of the project:
The Challenge. The task was to advertise the IKEA Assembly Service with an unusual idea that motivated IKEA customers and fans to book it. The Strategy. We turned a lack of do-it-yourself skills into artistic talent! This let us communicate our message with a twinkle in the eye rather than by pointing a lecturing finger. The Solution. An integrated campaign in which wrongly assembled IKEA furniture was showcased as sculptures. Depending on whether the target group consisted of customers before, during or after the purchase of IKEA furniture, we used different media channels to bring our message closer to them.

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