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The NEW Category

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The NEW Category
Entrant: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Media Type: Print, Websites, Live Events, Networked Communities, Direct, MTV and Special Shower's TV show, iPhone app
Corporate Name of Client: K's JAPAN
Client Account Director: Keiichi Sasaki
Agency: Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Jin Saito
Copywriter: Hidenori Sakai
Art Director: Kentaro Harano
Agency Producer: Shoko Akutagawa
Production Company: Hakuhodo Products Inc., Tokyo/TYO Productions, Tokyo
Director: Manabu Terao
Producers: Hirofumi Nobuta - H Products/Michikazu Sakata - TYO
Hakuhodo - PR Planners: Kenta Ikoma/Takeshi Muro/Kenichi Motoyama

Basic description of the project:
Our challenge was to make K’s JAPAN famous as a cool rock guitar brand. Instead of creating a normal advertisement, we developed an extreme product to excite people and engage them with K’s JAPAN. A guitar born-to-be-destroyed, SMASH! SMASH is meant to be destroyed in its structure, recycle system and price. It can be played as a normal guitar too. It’s an extraction of rock spirit, “Destroy-to-Create!” Destroy rigid systems to create a new world. With this spirit, we aimed to attract not only rock fans but people wanting to breakthrough stress of recession.

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