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The NEW Category

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The NEW Category
Entrant: Happiness Brussels, Brussels
Media Type: Websites, Blogs, Networked Communities, Direct, Interactive tool
Corporate Name of Client: Toyota
Agency Account Director: Pascal Kemajou
Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels
Chief Creative Officers: Gregory Titeca/Karen Corrigan
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Art Directors: Tom Galle/Ramin Afshar/
         Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
Designer: pleaseletmedesign
Programmer: Zachary Lieberman

Basic description of the project:
Concept: To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ is the first car in the world ever to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with a number of individuals: Zach Lieberman - pioneer in interactive art. Pierre and Damien - color tracking software developers from Pleaseletmedesign, which is a type and graphic design studio. Stef van Campenhoudt - professional pilot and European champion of GT3 Racing. He was the font driver. Collectively these individuals created the iQ Font.

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