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The NEW Category
Entrant: Ogilvy Guatemala, Guatemala
Media Type: Websites, Mobile, Direct, Radio
Corporate Name of Client: Claro
Client Account Director: Jose Jorge Castillo
Agency Account Director: Gustavo Alejos
Agency: Ogilvy Guatemala, Guatemala
Chief Creative Officer: Ramiro Eduardo
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Mayen
Creative Directors: Ruben Leyton/Herberth Monterroso/
         Jorge Perez/Jose Contreras
Copywriters: Ramiro Eduardo/Miguel Mayen
Art Director: Francisco Coutiño
Planner: Maria Andrea Salvadó

Basic description of the project:
Backgroud: Guatemala's internal migration rates have caused 70% of the population to be settled in the main urban cities, half of them immigrating from rural villages. Idea: Mayan dialects have given birth to the names of many of Guatemala’s towns and cities. We turned those names into RINGTOWNS, imitating the ringtones found in mobile phones, while making them available to consumers for free. 30+ RINGTOWNS that used the names of some of the 1,500 towns and cities throughout the country where Claro's coverage can reach. RINGTOWNS spread Claro’s coverage message turning every incoming call or sms into a commercial.

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