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Package Design

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Entrant: hasan & partners oy, Helsinki
Fazer Bakery Products / Vilpuri
Corporate Name of Client: Fazer Leipomot
Client Account Directors: Ismo Nikkola/Kirsi Nordberg
Agency Account Director: Heidi Gutekunst
Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki
Creative Director: Eka Ruola
Copywriter: Mick Scheinin
Art Director: Sanna Veijalainen
Graphic Designer: Tarja Sinkkonen
Account Manager: Tanja Ijäs

Basic description of the project:
The world is full of children's products with small characters added to their packaging. How could we do this in a fresh, interesting way that would stand out among other bakery products and help us to produce differentiating but cost-effective marketing communications? Instead of just adding a character to packages, we transformed whole package into an illustrated character that devours the content. Package design is the base for the whole marketing communication concept. 'It fits small mouths' .

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