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Package Design

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Special Packaging
Entrant: identis GmbH, Freiburg
Wild Bag® Box
Corporate Name of Client: winwood48 KG
Design Company: identis, Freiburg
Creative Director: Joseph Poelzelbauer
Design Directors: Joseph Poelzelbauer/Jean Mierecke/
         Simone Poelzelbauer
Graphic Designer: Simone Poelzelbauer

Basic description of the project:
The Wild Bag® Box is the packaging for out_of_ark®, a bag collection with 3 basic models and 15 different motifs featuring animals from 5 continents. The Crossover bags are transported in an “escape-proof” Wild Bag Box. This makes the Wild Bag Box more than just packaging. It becomes part of the story and affirms the products’ vitality. The lively contents are kept safe, but are clearly visible through the bars. The corrugated board as the basic material is left in its natural state. What’s inside becomes part of the packaging, which in turn strengthens the product profile.

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