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Silver Winner

Entrant: ADK, Tokyo
Corporate Name of Client: HOYU Co., Ltd.
Agency: ADK, Tokyo
Design Company: ADK, Tokyo/Katachi, Tokyo/
         Iro, Tokyo
Creative Director: Tomohiro Sakurai
Copywriter: Hideo Fujimoto
Art Directors: Mutsumi Ajichi/Kunikazu Hoshida
Planner: Kazuya Nakajima
Design Producers: Murakami Takashi/Hiro Kinoshita/Katachi/Asuhiro Nagae/Iro

Basic description of the project:
The concept for this brand is “countdown”. As the hair dresser is about to finish the customer’s hair, the customer’s anticipation reaches a high point. The product is used to conclude this countdown to the finish. The shape of the bottle also symbolizes what is in the making. The design concept is the Japanese aesthetic of preferring what is “unfinished but conveys a movement in progress” and a shape that one wants to continue touching. The mould was made by hand, without using any computer graphics, and completed over a time period of two years.

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