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Silver Winner

Entrant: Stranger and Stranger, London
The Kraken Spiced Rum
Corporate Name of Client: Proximo Spirits
Client Account Director: Elwyn Gladstone
Agency: Proximo, New York
Design Company: Stranger and Stranger, London
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Shaw
Design Director: Kevin Shaw
Art Director: Kevin Shaw
Photographer: Karin Taylor
Illustrator: Alex Machin
Graphic Designer: Kevin Shaw

Basic description of the project:
Kraken is a black spiced rum in a bespoke bottle shape with shoulder hoops. The label has an old print pastiche of the Giant Squid. It was created as an alternative to the very popular Captain Morgan. The spiced Caribbean rum market is dominated by one mainstream brand and there was a real opportunity to create a product with a little more attitude to target the younger sector of this growing market. The bottle has great shelf and backbar standout and demand has been so high that it sold in excess of 480,000 bottles in the first few months.

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