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Entrant: Leo Burnett, Istanbul
Istanbul Toy Museum
Corporate Name of Client: Istanbul Toy Museum
Client Account Director: Basak Caliskan
Agency Account Director: Basak Tetik
Agency: Leo Burnett, Istanbul
Executive Creative Director: Yasar Akbas
Copywriters: Bahadirhan Peksen/Selim Unlusoy
Production Company: Melodika, Istanbul

Concept: Istanbul Toy Museum / Radio - Sindy SFX: Phone ringing... Woman: I’ll get it honey. (Distant voice) SFX: Footsteps... Woman picks up the phone. The voice on the otherside speaks like a old but close friend. Woman: Hello? Sindy: Susan? Woman: Yes? Sindy: Susan dear, it’s me, Sindy. How are you? Woman: Fine... I’m fine. Sindy, who? (tries to remember) Sindy: C’mon... don’t tell me you don’t remember. You wouldn’t, would you? No way... Is it a trick again ? Oh you Suzie. Whatever... Darling, I’m getting our group back together again. Yes, I am. Guess what? I’ve called all the other girls. Jasmine, Elaine, you, me, we are getting together at my place this weekend. Cakes, cookies, tea, music, dance... Oh... Just like the old days... We will have so much fun!.. It’s gonna be great! Woman: Errr... yes, but... Sindy: No excuses Suzie. You are definetely coming. Oh I left cookies in the oven gotta go now. I’ll call you back. Oh by the way, we’ll be wearing all pink, right? Catch you later! Phone hangs up. Woman: What? Pink? Hello? VO: Your childhood is calling. Answer. Istanbul Toy Museum.

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