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Silver Winner

Personal Items/Gift Items
Entrant: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Corporate Name of Client: Bongo
Client Account Directors: Harry Bleeker/Maria Presas
Agency Account Director: Sylvie Verbruggen
Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez/Peter Ampe
Copywriters: Hans/Raoul and Peter Ampe
Agency Producer: Tom Garcia
Production Company: Sonicville, Brussels
Director: Tom Garcia
Producer: Tom Garcia
Audio Engineer: Jeroen Goossens

Concept: Bongo “Actor” Euphoric V: Here you are, darling, your Christmas present. M: Yes, well, I’m sorry, but every year the same gift, I really can’t pretend to be happy with it anymore. So I have hired a professional actor... HF: Merry Chritsmas, this is Herbert Flack... I assume this is a bottle of champagne? How would you like me to accept it? Euphoric, neutral, just say it... M: Eh, euphoric will do fine. HF: OK.. SFX: Opens gift, music. HF: Waaaah, a bottle of champagne! Great! Let’s pop that one, shall we! (plop!) VO: Instead of always the same gift, you’d better give a Bongo. Jingle

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