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Bronze Winner

Personal Items/Gift Items
Entrant: MIT Gathering Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Zenrin Car Navigation
"Old Car Navigation"
Corporate Name of Client: Zenrin Co., Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Mitsuhiko Kato
Copywriter: Wataru Yamamoto
Agency Producer: Momoko Otokawa
Production Company: MIT Gathering Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Director: Wataru Yamamoto
Executive Producer: Takashi Tachibana
Recording Studio: MIT Studio, Tokyo
Audio Engineer: Takashi Tachibana
Sound Design Company: MIT Gathering Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Voice-overs: Issei Futamata/Yuko Suzuki

Concept: SFX:Car sounds SFX:Ping.(Carnavigation system sound) (Navigation system speaks, old man’s voice) NAV SYSTEM:Get directions. It’s about eight country miles to the destination. SFX:Ping NAV SYSTEM:Pretty soon,turn south-­ southeast. SFX:Ping NAV SYSTEM:Follow the road a while…maybe. After passing the park…supposed to be a park here. Huh.This street looks new. Things sure have changed. NARR:Is your car navigation map up to date? It’s time to upgrade. SFX:ZENRIN

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