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Bronze Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide, Jakarta
Corporate Name of Client: PT Telekomunikasi Selular
Client Account Director: Nirwan Lesmana
Agency Account Director: Andrini Novie
Agency: Leo Burnett Kreasindo, Jakarta
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Charles Capel
Executive Creative Director: Brian Charles Capel
Creative Director: Ratna Pribadi
Copywriter: Hendra Ustriady
Executive Agency Producer: Budiarto
Agency Producer: Zenia Rijanti
Producer: Haryoko
Recording Studio: Cut 2 Cut, Jakarta

Concept: MVO : Hands, hold the wheel and keep it straight. Okay, eyes, look at front and keep focus. Right foot, step on the acceleration. Ears, listen to the cell phone, there’s a SMS. Left hand, grab the cell phone, and right hand, keep holding the wheel. Eyes, look at the cell phone, Thumb… press the OK . Eyes read the SMS. Okay. Thumb reply the SMS. Press G, W, space…O… It’s not X but O...! Delete it! All right, now press… Hey wait…wait… Ears, hear the cell phone, there’s a call. Thumb, press OK. Lips, says ‘hello’! Eyes, get a quick glance at the rear view. Right hand, turn the wheel to the left. Eyes, look at the cell phone. Ears, listen to the voice from the cell phone Eyes, look at the road Lips, turn the wheel to the left! Foot, push the cell phone! Hands, step on the brakes! Hands step on the brakes!!! Annc : It is difficult for the brain to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Drive safely. Use your cell phone only when you are not driving. This message is brought to you by Telkomsel.

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