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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Corporate Name of Client Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Photography Studio Photography Studio City Agency Account Director(s) Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Typographer(s) Basic description of the project Concept Client Account Director(s)
Design / Product/Brand Annual Reports Serviceplan Munich GERMANY Bang & Olufsen "Audio Annual Report" Bang & Olufsen Deutschland GmbH Serviceplan Munich Serviceplan Munich Ralf Hussar Alex Schill Alex Schill Christoph Everke/Tim Strathus/Matthias Mittermüller Juliana Hirsing Monika Steiner Bang & Olufsen presents the first audio annual report, set to music. This unique version of a usually very dry theme demonstrates once again the specific hi-fi competence and strength of innovation from this exclusive brand. The premium edition, a design adaptation of the Bang & Olufsen-classic BeoSound 9000, was sent to 50 customer-stockholders. The basic edition, an elegant metal CD case, was sent to 520 customer-stockholders. Boris von Schwichow  
Design / Product/Brand Annual Reports George Patterson Y&R Brisbane AUSTRALIA SP Breweries "2009 Annual Report" SP Breweries APB George Patterson Y&R Brisbane Lucy Chave Piet Human/David Joubert David Joubert Carl Robertson To make the 2009 SP Breweries Annual Report more enticing to read, we created an annual report that is made up completely of beer coasters. Not only was it not thrown away by stakeholders, they could literally drink to their own success. Michael Harris Print Production: Spot Production, Brisbane
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Business-to-Business Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN Summer Night Haiku Reading "Thunder Night Fever! Art Book for Haiku-Reading Event" Mitsubishi Estate Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Haruko Tsutsui Yoshihiro Yagi Yoshihiro Yagi/Yo Kimura To refresh the image of haiku, Japan's traditional poetry form, through design work, we held the "Thunder Night fever!" summer haiku reading party. Our idea was: In its 17 phonetic letters, a haiku must always include one seasonal word. Thunder, one of the seasonal words for summer, is symbolized by a zigzag pattern for lightning. A collection of artwork that suggests or is associated with thunder/lightning was compiled into a B4 size, 62-page book. Account Executive: Kosaku Miyata; Production Company: Katachi Co. Ltd.
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Business-to-Business Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt GERMANY Ogilvy Germany "HOWTO Magazine" Ogilvy Germany Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Delle Krause Helmut Meyer/Delle Krause Helmut Meyer/Thomas Knopf Various Ogilvy Employees Helmut Meyer/Thomas Knopf How can an agency enhance its profile over and above the creative language table with a unique corporate magazine format? We developed the Ogilvy HowTo corporate magazine combining cutting edge magazine design and high quality editorial produced entirely by Ogilvy employees. As a corporate brochure, it follows in the footsteps of agency founder, David Ogilvy who started all his publications with the words "How to..." Some of the topics covered in the magazine: Page 4- 9 The consumer is a cat! The end of Sit! Fetch! Buy! Why we need a new understanding of target audiences. The article by Chief Planning Officer, Ralph Poser, describes how "empowered" consumers decide for themselves when they'll engage with us. Like cats, they are more autononomous in their consumer, media and communication behaviour than ever before. see more inside the brochure Photo Editors: Alexander Pfaff/Johanna Woetzel
Design / Product/Brand Calendars ayrcreative Tokyo JAPAN The Natural Fermentation, Homemade Bakery, Daichi no Mi "Our Monthly Calendar Showing the Fresh Bread We Bake Daily Is Made From Our Bread Bags" Daichi no Mi ayrcreative Tokyo Yuichi Muto Yuichi Muto Yumiko Yasuda Tomohiro Okazaki/Maya Matsumoto Yumiko Yasuda/Tomohiro Okazaki/Maya Matsumoto Daichi no Mi prides itself on its naturally fermented bread, which is baked with the utmost care, loaf by loaf, by the owner himself.For this reason, we thought that the communication should be hand-made as well. Our monthly calendar showing the fresh bread we bake daily is made from our bread bags.  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars BUTTER. Berlin/Duesseldorf Düsseldorf GERMANY EIZO High End Monitors for Medical Imaging "Pin-Up Calendar 2010" Avnet Technology Solutions GmbH BUTTER. Berlin/Düsseldorf Anna Dankert Michael Preuss Matthias Eickmeyer Reinhard Henke Nadine Schlichte Carsten Mainz Debora Schiffer The design of the calender and its special frame reminds the medical target group of a monitor display, showing radiographs they’ve probably never seen before. Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market. The biggest feedback EIZO ever got on a give-away.  
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Baden-Wuerttemberg "The Patent Calendar 2010" Staatsministerium Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholz & Friends Ellen Staudenmayer/Alexander Wittner/Catrin Schmid/Timo Ziegler/Sebastian Wiczak/Sophie v.Zezschwitz Martin Pross Matthias Spaetgens Robert Krause/Philipp Woehler Tobias Deitert Joerg Waschescio/Lisa Baur Daniel Holy Nowhere else in Germany people are more innovative than in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Over 15.000 patents were submitted to the German brands- and patentoffice in 2008. This calender will help to generate even more brilliant ideas in 2010. With 365 free pages for the daily flash of inspiration. Agency Producer: Benito Schumacher
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity ayrcreative Tokyo JAPAN The Natural Fermentation, Homemade Bakery, Daichi no Mi. "A Bakery Devoted To Making Each Item By Hand" Daichi no Mi ayrcreative Tokyo Yuichi Muto Yuichi Muto Yumiko Yasuda Tomohiro Okazaki/Maya Matsumoto Yumiko Yasuda/Tomohiro Okazaki/Maya Matsumoto Tomohiro Okazaki/Maya Matsumoto The natural fermentation, homemade bakery, Daichi no Mi. A bakery devoted to making each item by hand and with loving care. Even our items is handmade, using a sheet-by-sheet mimeograph printing method. The natural fermentation, homemade bakery, Daichi no Mi. A bakery devoted to making each item by hand and with loving care. Even our items is handmade, using a sheet-by-sheet mimeograph printing method.  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok THAILAND Papyrus - Second Hand Book Store "Termite, Spider and Ant" Papyrus Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok Peerajet Sringean Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn Kris Garford Spindler Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srikieatikajohn Chirawut Sirihan/Phurin Phongchokdeelert Maytinee Jaranphairee/Dowrai Khantigul/M.L. Pravitra Devakul/Teerayut Chureytim Designing a business card for a recently opened second-hand bookstore in Bangkok called Papyrus. The idea was to get people to instandtly recognize that this is a second-hand bookstore simply by looking at the business card. The execution was inspired by the common dead insects that we find when thumbing through an old used book.  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Rethink Communications Vancouver CANADA La Charcuterie Identity La Charcuterie Rethink Communications Vancouver Tricia Bradshaw Ian Grais/Chris Staples Keri Zierler Lindsay Siu Lisa Nakamura Justin Renvoize La Charcuterie is a deli/restaurant hybrid well known around Vancouver for serving up sandwiches filled with deli meats. To play off this, business cards were created to look like cold cuts. They were strung in netting similar to the way salami and other cured meats are hung in delis. Finally, we printed the letterhead and envelopes on butcher paper— the same paper they wrap their sandwiches in. Sal Kahil  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Rethink Communications Vancouver CANADA BC Adventure Business Card BC Adventure Rethink Communications Vancouver Maya Dimitrijevic Ian Grais/Chris Staples Simon Bruyn Jeff Harrison The first rule of wilderness survival is preparation. That's why BC Adventure wanted to make sure everyone who stepped through their door left at least little more prepared for the wild. Made from organic beef jerky, this laser etched card is good to eat for up to a year in case you find yourself stuck in a precarious situation. Alan Forseth  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity The Brand Union New York UNITED STATES AVID Avid The Brand Union New York Wally Krantz Dennis Thomas Sam Becker With a change in business strategy to masterbrand all of their offerings under the Avid name, Avid needed a new visual identity to unify the portfolio of brands, one capable of addressing the needs of enterprise audiences, creative professionals as well as home enthusiasts. Drawing upon their new positioning of helping people create the most listened to, watched and loved media in the world, we created a new logo and visual system for one Avid. Utilizing the buttons, icons and markers recognized by audio/visual professionals and consumers around the world, the new logo is simultaneously a wordmark and a symbol. John Bennett  
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Vienna AUSTRIA Prim. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov "Dr. Kiprov - Business Card" Prim. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Vienna Rosa Haider/Tolga Buyukdoganay Karina Wanek Elisabeth Laggner Elisabeth Laggner Via the use of two rubber inserts, this business card shows the effect Dr. Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery can have. Account Manager: Mariusz Jan Demner
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Business-to-Business DDB Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Saxsofunny "Imaginary Musical Instruments" Saxsofunny Sound Production Company DDB Brasil Sao Paulo DDB Brasil Sao Paulo Tania Pena Sergio Valente Sergio Valente Guilherme Jahara/Marcelo Reis/Cassiano Saldanha Aricio Fortes Max Geraldo There are approximately twenty good sound production companies in Sao Paulo. Our objective was to make Saxsofunny stand out from the competition and become top of mind when it came to advertising agencies choosing a sound production company for their next advertising campaigns. Zezinho Mutarelli  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Business-to-Business Grey Vancouver Vancouver CANADA GGRP Sound "Cardboard Record Player" Griffiths, Gibson & Ramsay Productions Grey Vancouver Vancouver Genevieve Louden Geoff Dawson Andrew McKinley The challenge was, to demonstrate that an historic sound design shop can still deliver creativity in sound? We built a record player made from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard and engaged creatives from across North America in an experience of sound. The piece unfolds to form a player, the record is spun by inserting a pencil into a hole drilled in to the record and the vibrations are amplified by the cardboard material. The results exceeded all expectations as direct response was over 90%; it ran on over 500 blogs;YouTube views and website traffic increased by 70,000.  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Business-to-Business Euro RSCG Düsseldorf GERMANY STIHL Handheld Blowers "Autumn Calendar 2010" STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & CO. KG Euro RSCG Düsseldorf/München Düsseldorf/München Marcus Kotarba/Daniel Grube Felix Glauner Torsten Pollmann Christoph Mueller/Till Koester/Isabell Wilbert Martin Staubach/Kai Tusar/Eva Schramm Uwe Strahl/Detlef Stuhldreier For our client STIHL (Leaf blowers) we invented the first tear-off calendar that looses its leaves automatically. The STIHL autumn calendar shows STIHL´s key clients the necessity of STIHL leaf blowers in an entertaining way – day by day. The sheets are designed as typical foliage leaves. Leaves fall in autumn, so the STIHL autumn calendar only covers the time period from 9/23 till 12/21. STIHL is planning to produce 3000 calendars. The demo-video on got far over 170.000 hits, thousands of linkings to homepages, blogs and tweets. Maybe you want to click it: Michael Liehr  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Serviceplan Munich GERMANY LEGO "LEGO Signs" LEGO GmbH Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative Kommunikation Munich Tim Schnabel/Patrick Stehle Alexander Schill Alexander Schill Christoph Nann/Maik Kaehler Rudolf Novotny Till Diestel  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Lowe Bangkok Bangkok THAILAND Breeze Excel "Remove Doubt" Unilever Lowe Bangkok Bangkok Lowe Bangkok Bangkok Ranjit Jathanna Dominic Stallard/Clinton Manson Dominic Stallard/Clinton Manson Arfann Hajiwa-Ngoh Arfann Hajiwa-Ngoh Patcharapon Suwanagoud Aseem Puri/Vishal Gupta  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Target Marketing & Communications St. John's CANADA CSTN - Non Profit Organization "Net" Canadian Sea Turtle Network Target Marketing & Communications St. John's Newfoundland Jennifer Pittman Tom Murphy Jenny Smith Jenny Smith Bruce Hamilton The creative execution tied directly into the work the CSTN is doing. They work side-by-side with local fishermen to disentangle leatherback turtles from commercial fishing gear. The only way to free them is to cut the fishing nets. The execution of the direct mail piece included real fishing net material that was specially tied to ‘trap’ the National Geographic magazine containing the article about the CSTN’s work. The only way recipients could read the article and retrieve the personally addressed, handwritten note was to cut the net or ‘free’ the leatherback story inside. Kathleen Martin  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Kolle Rebbe Hamburg GERMANY Borkebjs "The Return of the Monsters" Kolle Rebbe/KOREFE Hamburg Juliane Ahlfeld Katrin Oeding Reginald Wagner/Delia D. Marti/Till Grabsch Reginald Wagner Reginald Wagner/Gerhard Oswald/Ulrike Kirmse/Guido Stanke Reginald Wagner/Sarah Gossner Reginald Wagner The Borkebjs are the heroes of this modern 332-page fairy tale book, which casts a spell on children and adults alike. The book is all about the adventures of ten furry creatures who you can only see if you use your imagination. The book plays with this idea in its design. The message on the cover of the book isn’t immediately visible to everyone. However, people who see the book’s cover as a game can assemble the title and find the “entrance” into the realm of fantasy. Borkebjs. The Return of the Monsters Book Jacket: We live amongst you, though we hide. Have you found us, have you tried? Book Cover: Follow the very last Borkebie into the realm of fantasy. Ulrike Kirmse  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES M&M's "M&M's Global Brand Book" Mars Snack Food US DesignWorks at BBDO New York Kirsten Flanik/Dhane Scotti David Lubars/Bill Bruce Susan Credle Craig Duffney Rick Abbott Bryan Wilson Billy Siegrist George Katz/Tim Lahan Tim Lahan George Katz/Tim Lahan M&M’s is one of the world’s most beloved chocolate candy brands, as are its loveable character mascots Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange. We were asked to develop a comprehensive global brand book for M&M’s that consolidates the core assets of the M&M brand identity, packaging, communications, tone of voice and characters. And, of course, it should also be fun. The book was designed as five separate books complete with DVD assets, packaged in a beautiful, modern bookshelf box. Each book in each M&M color presents an individual marketing program under the brand. Senior Designer: George Katz
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN Tokyo Copywriters' Club Advertising Awards Annual 2009 "A Book that Speaks Up" Tokyo Copywriters Club Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Yoshimitsu Sawamoto Rika Eguchi Hirofumi Sato Rie Abe/Toshikazu Minatomura/Yusuke Otsuji/Takeshi Ochiai/Sachiko Nemoto TCC Awards are given for outstanding copy selected from posters, TV commercials and other advertising produced during the year. Our task was to design the TCC Awards Annual 2009, which is a compilation of all the award-winning work. We came up with the concept of an annual "that speaks up," since it contains lots of words, and a visual where a mouth opens up, as if speaking, every time the cover is opened.  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Grey Hong Kong Hong Kong HONG KONG Re:spect Magazine "Music Everyone" Re:spect Magazine Grey Hong Kong Hong Kong Keith Ho Keith Ho/Sonic Choy Halo Cheng/Tony Chan Keith Ho/Gloria Fung Raymond Ng The people in Hong Kong see music as something for young and hip people only. But that’s simply not the case. Therefore, re:spect magazine aimed to change this way of thinking and communicate the message that music is here for everyone to enjoy. We created fun and engaging magazine covers for re:spect. The covers had been transformed into simple musical instruments and because it’s a free magazine, anyone could take it and join in to enjoy the music. Gary Chan  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Andes "Teletransporter" Inbev Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires AD Productions Buenos Aires Jaime Vidal Maxi Itzkoff/Mariano Serkin Javier Campopiano Patricio del Sante Carlos Muller/Bruno Tortolano/Juan Pedro Porcaro THE SITUATION: Men love going to bars to drink beer with friends. THE PROBLEM: Girlfriends. They hate it when men go to bars to drink beer with friends. THE SOLUTION: ANDES TELETRANSPORTER. Soundproof booths placed in the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina. These booths have a sound panel that recreates different environments to get men out of the bar without leaving it. THE RESULT More happy men at bars, less broken up couples. Everybody happy. Eduardo Palacios  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays HEIMAT Berlin GERMANY CNN International "The CNN Tape Art Project" CNN/Turner Broadcasting System Deutschland GmbH HEIMAT Berlin HEIMAT Berlin Till Hopf/Andreas Mengele Guido Heffels Myles Lord Myles Lord Nikolai Diepenbrock Carsten Schubert El Bocho Erik Prautsch “Go beyond borders”: the new slogan from CNN International was launched at the end of 2009 as part of an ambient concept in Berlin. The medium: 40 kilometers of tape marking the former border between East and West. Along the red line, the tape artist EL BOCHO depicted places and images that people would remember. Information panels in several languages informed people about what was going on. The integrated QR codes invited people to share their own thoughts and experiences. These were linked to CNN International’s website. The production was also accessible to an international audience via Google Maps. Jörg Buddenberg  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo JAPAN SONY Recycle Project Jeans "The Wall Sale" Sony Marketing Japan Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo Akio Koda/Yoshikazu Majima/Takehiko Kawakubo Kentaro Kimura Kazuaki Hashida/Yusuke Shimizu Ken Funaki Koichiro Iizuka Ken Funaki Kei Mizuta/Toshiya Hiramatsu/Takanori Sato/Misato Noro/Sayaka Sakata/Shingo Kato Norihisa Yamaguchi We regenerated a giant tarp of advertising at the Sony Building in Ginza to Sony Recycle Project JEANS. What is the best display design to communicate the concept of this activity? Design the display to sell them at the place of origin: Sony Building’s wall. That is “farm fresh”. So we aimed to gain a better understanding for the recycling concept by the display design, selling at where the ad was run. As of end of November, we have sold the target number of 90 pairs. Advertising media cost is none, but we got the publicity over $400,000 worth. Ryuichiro Takase  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays Leo Burnett Toronto CANADA Silk "Silk vs. Milk" White Wave Foods Leo Burnett Toronto Leo Burnett Toronto Judy John Judy John/Lisa Greenberg Caio Oyafuso Josh Rachlis Dave Tupper Hamin Lee Scott Leder  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays McCann Erickson Spain Madrid SPAIN Stop Accidentes "Car In A Bottle" Stop Accidentes McCann Erickson Madrid Madrid Silvia Linde Leandro Raposo Pablo Colonnese/Pablo Stricker/Mónica Moro Javier Wandosell Javier Wandosell The "Stop Accidents" NGO -one of the most acclaimed for its efforts to build that awareness and for the support provided for the victims of road accidents- decided to set in motion this itinerant communication action. Using different advertising supports strategically picked along the main traffic routes out of Madrid, and drawing inspiration from the well-known "ship in a bottle" concept, we replaced the ship with a genuine crashed car, a real write-off raised 8 metres off the ground inside a giant, iconic bottle of alcohol. Ana Galán  
Design / Specialism Motion Graphics Blind Inc. Santa Monica UNITED STATES Dr. Martens "Lilac Wine" Dr. Martens/Cinematic Orchestra Exposure USA New York Blind Inc. Santa Monica Carrie Schupper Vanessa Marzaroli Lilac Wine is a black-and-white marriage of music and graphics that flows from the concept of a heartbroken lover writing a letter. A single, delicate Spencarian script line forming the lyrics echoes the song's simple opening chords. As the piece progresses, the words blossom into intricate lines that separate and conjoin to paint pictures illustrating the story. Tom Phillips/Jason Swinscoe Director: Vanessa Marzaroli
Design / Product/Brand Point-of-Sale McCann Worldgroup Mumbai INDIA Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement) "The Crying Carpet" Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement) McCann Worldgroup Mumbai McCann Worldgroup Mumbai Dioxide Mumbai Mudit Trivedi/Benitta Jacob Prasoon Joshi Ryan Menezes Denzil Machado Siddhi Yadav Manish Patel/Vilsen Gonsalves/Aman Mannan Namrata Rao/Siddhi Yadav/Denzil Machado Kedar Malegaonkar Siddhi Yadav Siddhi Yadav To spread awareness amongst unsuspecting consumers about the millions of children secretly employed in the Indian Arts & Crafts Industry. To gather petitioners, we installed crying carpets in several malls, exhibitions etc. and weaved suffering children in the design. When people walked on them they heard children wail. Dhananjay Tingal  
Design / Product/Brand Point-of-Sale Leo Burnett India Mumbai INDIA Whisper "Wrapper" Procter & Gamble Leo Burnett India Mumbai Shally Mukherjee/Sonal Kabi KV Sridhar Nitesh Tiwari Tushar Kadam/Vikram Pandey Vikram Pandey Chinmay Raut In India, sanitary pads are considered to be a social taboo. In such a scenario, it’s difficult for a teenage girl to be comfortable purchasing, storing, carrying and disposing off their pads. To help these girls maintain complete discretion, we designed a number of covers which looked like regular wrappers for other products. These unsuspecting wrappers were given away with Whisper packs and were also kept in the ladies room of various schools, colleges, malls and multiplexes. Thousands of girls picked up these wrappers to have a more discreet period and hence a happier one. Sujay Wasan  
Design / Product/Brand Point-of-Sale Scholz & Friends Hamburg GERMANY Felix Jud Publisher & Bookstore "The Bookmark Promotion" Felix Jud GmbH & Co. KG Scholz & Friends Beate Jeska Matthias Schmidt/Stefan Setzkorn Suze Barrett/Dennis Lueck Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus Joanna Broda Katharina Uelsberg In order to give people a glimpse into the world of the classics, four individual bookmarks were designed for selected novels from the series. When placed inside the book together, they create a type of diorama, vividly depicting an important scene from the story. The four bookmarks guaranteed maximum attention right at the POS and breathed new life into the classics genre, thanks to their fresh and modern design. Agency Producer: Eva Kannemann; Illustrators: Romy Bluemel/Katharina Gschwendtner/Gisela Goppel/Andrea Ventura/Carmen Segovia/ Pietari Posti/Tina Berning/2Agenten; Postproduction: Metagate GmbH
Design / Product/Brand Posters Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN OLFA Cutter "Cutter Art of OLFA" OLFA CORPORATION Dentsu Inc., Tokyo/Ad Dentsu Osaka Inc. Osaka Dentsu Inc. Osaka Yutaka Sato Hideto Yagi Shinichi Masumoto Hideto Yagi To execute in a free and creative manner by featuring the act of "cutting paper," we challenged how far we could go in transforming paper and polystyrene board into art with a single Olfa paper cutter.  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Ogilvy France Paris FRANCE IBM Smarter Planet Outcomes - "Chicken Lips"; "Bino Wheels"; "Train Cases"; "Neck Tie"; "Hold-Up" IBM Ogilvy France Paris Dutch Uncle London Kim Ball/Ben Messiaen Susan Westre Ginevra Capece/Fergus O'Hare Fergus O'Hare Ginevra Capece Noma Bar/Tanya Holbrook Noma Bar Sid Tomkins A year ago, IBM launched the Smarter Planet campaign. It advocates that by making the world’s systems smarter, many of its problems can be faced in completely new ways. But what actually happens when the planet gets smarter? Profits rise. Energy gets saved. Savings get made. Lives get saved. Systems and cities start to work. This new campaign shows the evidence of smart things happening round the world. The outcomes of building a smarter planet. Suzanne Assaf  
Design / Product/Brand Posters TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Makati City PHILIPPINES Shangrila "Touch - Small Table, Touch - Big Table" Makati Shangrila TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Makati City TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Makati City Marishka David Melvin Mangada Manuel Villafania Kaity Chua Catherine Kho Joy Wassmer Print Producer: May Dalisay; Final Artist: Angelo Tan
Design / Product/Brand Posters BBDO Germany Düsseldorf GERMANY MTV Networks Germany "Black Ribbon" MTV Networks Germany GmbH BBDO Germany Düsseldorf Dirk Bittermann/Liselotte Schwenkert Toygar Bazarkaya Carsten Bolk Martin Knipprath Milena Hirschochs/Aristotelis Saflanis Since the start of MTV, Michael Jackson has had a strong influence on the channel. MTV wanted to honour the King of pop by searching for a worthy expression of sadness to denote his passing. The idea relies on the well known, global symbol of mourning - the black ribbon, which is combined with a typical Michael Jackson pose. Thanks to many communication channels, such as the internet, TV, print and posters, a large target group was reached. Verena Piltz  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN One Show Exhibition 2009 In Japan "The Oneder Brain!!" Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Yuya Furukawa Haruko TsutsuiMariko Tsukamoto/Fujinari Tsutsumi/Eriko Ishibashi/Nae Mikuni Yoshihiro Yagi Yoshihiro Yagi/Yo Kimurada/Katsutoshi Hanada The posters were made to announce the One Show Exhibition and let the target know that One Show is an award competition for creative minds working at the highest level, by using a visual that would overwhelm them. Our idea was to depict the creative thought process of the creative minds recognized at One Show. The explosive moment when an idea is created and the seemingly chaotic state of the mind are symbolized by what looks like a circuit board, using a great number of words.  
Design / Product/Brand Self Promotion Alec Brownstein New York UNITED STATES The Google Job Experiment Alec Brownstein New York Alec Brownstein Alec Brownstein THE GOAL Get a job working for a top creative director in New York. THE SOLUTION When Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal, Gerry Graf, Tony Granger, or David Droga Googled themselves, they saw a personalized message from me asking for a job. The message linked to my online portfolio. THE OUTCOME I was called in for interviews with David Droga, Gerry Graf, Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone. Scott and Ian offered me a job. I’m now working at Y&R. The total cost was approximately $6.  
Design / Product/Brand Self Promotion Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg GERMANY Lukas Lindemann Rosinski "" Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg/Grimm Gallun Holtappels Hamburg Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg/Grimm Gallun Holtappels Hamburg Bent Rosinski/Benedikt Holtappels Arno Lindemann/Bernhard Lukas/Florian Grimm Arno Lindemann/Florian Grimm Thomas Heyen Markus Kremer Christopher Vimini/Karl Olof Thunberg The CI of Lukas Lindemann Rosinski now took the next logical step: by launching an agency website. The guiding idea was to supplement the CI by addition of two new aspects: „organic flexibility“ and „boundless changeableness“. Hence, the once strictly two-dimensional CI was simply completed by adding the third dimension to it, while still stringently following the guiding concept. Additionally the CI was given the ability to freely float and move in space and to constantly change. As an essential component of the CI,the Logo took over the task of the navigation platform. The result: minimalistic, colourful and entertaining. Production: Matthias Schulz
Design / Specialism Use of Photography Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Burger King "Whopper Face" Burger King Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Carolina Vieira/Virgínia Mendes Anselmo Ramos Michel Lent Angela Bassichetti Eduardo Marques Douglas Kozonoe Rubens Angelo One hidden cam, one printer and a wrapper. That's all we needed to prove that Burger King® sandwiches are made to order, exactly your way. When customers ordered WHOPPER® burgers, they had their picture taken without noticing it. Customers then got their made-to-order burgers with their faces on the wrappers. That way, Burger King® reinforced the HAVE IT YOUR WAY™ positioning, proving that each sandwich is made to order, especially for the customer. Burger King International asked the Agency to redesign the project to be implemented in BK stores around the world.  
Design / Specialism Use of Typography Happiness Brussels Brussels BELGIUM Toyota "iQ Font" Toyota Happiness Brussels Brussels Pascal Kemajou Gregory Titeca/Karen Corrigan Gregory Titeca Tom Galle/Ramin Afshar/Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz Pierre Smeets /Damien Aresta Concept: To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ is the first car in the world ever to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with a number of individuals: Zach Lieberman - pioneer in interactive art. Pierre and Damien - color tracking software developers from Pleaseletmedesign, which is a type and graphic design studio. Stef van Campenhoudt - professional pilot and European champion of GT3 Racing. He was the font driver. Collectively these individuals created the iQ Font.  
Design / Specialism Use of Typography BBH China Shanghai CHINA Nanshan Bywise Infant Formula Milk Powder "ABCDance Cards" Hunan AVA Dairy Co., Ltd. BBH China Shanghai Jasmine Huang/Joyce Hong/Natalie Ann Johnny Tan Leo Zhang Jeffrey Sun/Carol Ong/Leo Zhang Jeffrey Sun Jimmy Liu Jeffrey Sun Nanshan Bywise launched an infant milk formula to help develop both brain regions: Cerebrum for IQ, Cerebellum for motor skills. The task was to create flyers that educate Chinese moms the importance of nurturing both brain regions. Chinese love teaching their kids the English alphabet. We designed special flash cards to help develop both parts of a child’s brain. The Nanshan ABCDance Cards. It combines each letter with baby calisthenics. Now their motor skills get exercised while memorizing their ABCs. Instead of just being a flyer, it became a powerful brand-building tool that communicates and engages moms with the brand. English translation is already in the box.  
Design / Specialism Use of Typography SenseTeam Shenzhen CHINA GDC "X Exhibition" SGDA (Shenzhen Graphic Design Association) SenseTeam Shenzhen China Hei Yiyang Hei Yiyang Hei Yiyang Hei Yiyang Zhang Qing Hei Yiyang/Liu Zhao/Zhao Meng/Zhan Ting/Huang Muqiu/Li Jia Hei Yiyang/Liu Zhao X Exhibition is one of the branches of GDC serial activities, exhibited 11 designers from 5 countries, theirs works are vary from posters, music, installation and so on, X Exhibition use the light characters as the pricipal design element, Different modulus of the tube spell the entire exhibition information.These lamps symbolizes the play and spray of creativity. Represents the extension’s endless possibilities. Extend from the main image, The lamp as a design element in the space, carrying different functions, firstly, use the lamps to spell exhibitors’ name as a dividers to separate the whole region of space. Yvonne Zhong  
Design / Specialism Campaign Use of Typography Campaign Grabarz & Partner Hamburg GERMANY IKEA "Bedroom" IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Grabarz & Partner Hamburg Ralf Heuel Dirk Siebenhaar/Tom Hauser Heiko Notter Oliver Brkitsch Patrice Lange Oliver Brkitsch Advertiser's Supervisors: Claudia Willvonseder/Hendrik Zimmer
Design / Specialism Campaign Use of Typography Campaign Creativeland Asia Mumbai INDIA Medimix Handmade Soap "Herbs" Cholayil Pvt. Ltd. Creativeland Asia Mumbai Hiral Vasani/Parineeta Gopal Sajan Raj Kurup Vikram Gaikwad/Anu Joseph Sajan Raj Kurup/Anu Joseph Shirin Johari Prateeksh Mehra Mahadeo Sawant Shirin Johari The brief from the client was simple: illustrate the fact that the world's best selling ayurvedic soap, is in fact, made by hand. The idea, as it turned out, was simpler: Handmade, natural posters for a handmade natural soap. Not only did these unique posters generate significant buzz at trade fairs, the audio visual that illustrated the painstaking process involved, drew a lot of attention as well. V.S. Pradeep/Niwas Salian  
Design / Product/Brand Visual Identity Systems Ogilvy New York UNITED STATES IBM "Smarter Planet" IBM Ogilvy New York Susan Westre/Tom Godici/Greg Ketchum Niels West Miles Gilbert At the heart of IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign is the idea that the technology and thinking to make the world work better exist today. In outdoor, we wanted to provide tangible evidence of where this idea has been put into action - from energy to healthcare to water management. A smarter planet is not just possible, it’s actually happening.  
Design / Product/Brand Visual Identity Systems Williams Murray Hamm London UNITED KINGDOM Recipease "Jamie Oliver Enterprise - Recipease Food Kit" Jamie Oliver Williams Murray Hamm London Panna Patel Garrick Hamm Fiona Curran Fiona Curran/Sam Lachlan/Vanessa Wright Sam Lachlan Fiona Curran Brief: To create a new retail concept to get customers excited and involved in food preparation and cooking by learning how to put meals together on site, building a growing passion for food. Solution: We communicated the sense of “meal assembly” through the simple idea of an airfix kit. The illustrations, and their various combinations, create witty language that talks about good food and ease of cooking. Jonathan Jackson  
Design / Product/Brand Visual Identity Systems Leo Burnett London UNITED KINGDOM House of Cards "House of Cards Exhibition" Shelter Leo Burnett London Pentagram Gary Simmons Jonathan Burley Domenic Lippa Daniel Fisher Richard Brim Rachel Murphy