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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Corporate Name of Client Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Photography Studio Photography Studio City Agency Account Director(s) Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Typographer(s) Basic description of the project Concept Client Account Director(s)
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Business-to-Business Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN Summer Night Haiku Reading "Thunder Night Fever! Art Book for Haiku-Reading Event" Mitsubishi Estate Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Kansai Inc., Osaka/Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Haruko Tsutsui Yoshihiro Yagi Yoshihiro Yagi/Yo Kimura To refresh the image of haiku, Japan's traditional poetry form, through design work, we held the "Thunder Night fever!" summer haiku reading party. Our idea was: In its 17 phonetic letters, a haiku must always include one seasonal word. Thunder, one of the seasonal words for summer, is symbolized by a zigzag pattern for lightning. A collection of artwork that suggests or is associated with thunder/lightning was compiled into a B4 size, 62-page book. Account Executive: Kosaku Miyata; Production Company: Katachi Co. Ltd.
Design / Product/Brand Brochures/Catalogues - Business-to-Business Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt GERMANY Ogilvy Germany "HOWTO Magazine" Ogilvy Germany Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Ogilvy Frankfurt Frankfurt Delle Krause Helmut Meyer/Delle Krause Helmut Meyer/Thomas Knopf Various Ogilvy Employees Helmut Meyer/Thomas Knopf How can an agency enhance its profile over and above the creative language table with a unique corporate magazine format? We developed the Ogilvy HowTo corporate magazine combining cutting edge magazine design and high quality editorial produced entirely by Ogilvy employees. As a corporate brochure, it follows in the footsteps of agency founder, David Ogilvy who started all his publications with the words "How to..." Some of the topics covered in the magazine: Page 4- 9 The consumer is a cat! The end of Sit! Fetch! Buy! Why we need a new understanding of target audiences. The article by Chief Planning Officer, Ralph Poser, describes how "empowered" consumers decide for themselves when they'll engage with us. Like cats, they are more autononomous in their consumer, media and communication behaviour than ever before. see more inside the brochure Photo Editors: Alexander Pfaff/Johanna Woetzel
Design / Product/Brand Calendars Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Baden-Wuerttemberg "The Patent Calendar 2010" Staatsministerium Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholz & Friends Ellen Staudenmayer/Alexander Wittner/Catrin Schmid/Timo Ziegler/Sebastian Wiczak/Sophie v.Zezschwitz Martin Pross Matthias Spaetgens Robert Krause/Philipp Woehler Tobias Deitert Joerg Waschescio/Lisa Baur Daniel Holy Nowhere else in Germany people are more innovative than in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Over 15.000 patents were submitted to the German brands- and patentoffice in 2008. This calender will help to generate even more brilliant ideas in 2010. With 365 free pages for the daily flash of inspiration. Agency Producer: Benito Schumacher
Design / Product/Brand Corporate Identity Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Vienna AUSTRIA Prim. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov "Dr. Kiprov - Business Card" Prim. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Vienna Rosa Haider/Tolga Buyukdoganay Karina Wanek Elisabeth Laggner Elisabeth Laggner Via the use of two rubber inserts, this business card shows the effect Dr. Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery can have. Account Manager: Mariusz Jan Demner
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Lowe Bangkok Bangkok THAILAND Breeze Excel "Remove Doubt" Unilever Lowe Bangkok Bangkok Lowe Bangkok Bangkok Ranjit Jathanna Dominic Stallard/Clinton Manson Dominic Stallard/Clinton Manson Arfann Hajiwa-Ngoh Arfann Hajiwa-Ngoh Patcharapon Suwanagoud Aseem Puri/Vishal Gupta  
Design / Product/Brand Direct Mail – Consumer Target Marketing & Communications St. John's CANADA CSTN - Non Profit Organization "Net" Canadian Sea Turtle Network Target Marketing & Communications St. John's Newfoundland Jennifer Pittman Tom Murphy Jenny Smith Jenny Smith Bruce Hamilton The creative execution tied directly into the work the CSTN is doing. They work side-by-side with local fishermen to disentangle leatherback turtles from commercial fishing gear. The only way to free them is to cut the fishing nets. The execution of the direct mail piece included real fishing net material that was specially tied to ‘trap’ the National Geographic magazine containing the article about the CSTN’s work. The only way recipients could read the article and retrieve the personally addressed, handwritten note was to cut the net or ‘free’ the leatherback story inside. Kathleen Martin  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES M&M's "M&M's Global Brand Book" Mars Snack Food US DesignWorks at BBDO New York Kirsten Flanik/Dhane Scotti David Lubars/Bill Bruce Susan Credle Craig Duffney Rick Abbott Bryan Wilson Billy Siegrist George Katz/Tim Lahan Tim Lahan George Katz/Tim Lahan M&M’s is one of the world’s most beloved chocolate candy brands, as are its loveable character mascots Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange. We were asked to develop a comprehensive global brand book for M&M’s that consolidates the core assets of the M&M brand identity, packaging, communications, tone of voice and characters. And, of course, it should also be fun. The book was designed as five separate books complete with DVD assets, packaged in a beautiful, modern bookshelf box. Each book in each M&M color presents an individual marketing program under the brand. Senior Designer: George Katz
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN Tokyo Copywriters' Club Advertising Awards Annual 2009 "A Book that Speaks Up" Tokyo Copywriters Club Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Yoshimitsu Sawamoto Rika Eguchi Hirofumi Sato Rie Abe/Toshikazu Minatomura/Yusuke Otsuji/Takeshi Ochiai/Sachiko Nemoto TCC Awards are given for outstanding copy selected from posters, TV commercials and other advertising produced during the year. Our task was to design the TCC Awards Annual 2009, which is a compilation of all the award-winning work. We came up with the concept of an annual "that speaks up," since it contains lots of words, and a visual where a mouth opens up, as if speaking, every time the cover is opened.  
Design / Product/Brand Editorial Design Grey Hong Kong Hong Kong HONG KONG Re:spect Magazine "Music Everyone" Re:spect Magazine Grey Hong Kong Hong Kong Keith Ho Keith Ho/Sonic Choy Halo Cheng/Tony Chan Keith Ho/Gloria Fung Raymond Ng The people in Hong Kong see music as something for young and hip people only. But that’s simply not the case. Therefore, re:spect magazine aimed to change this way of thinking and communicate the message that music is here for everyone to enjoy. We created fun and engaging magazine covers for re:spect. The covers had been transformed into simple musical instruments and because it’s a free magazine, anyone could take it and join in to enjoy the music. Gary Chan  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo JAPAN SONY Recycle Project Jeans "The Wall Sale" Sony Marketing Japan Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo Akio Koda/Yoshikazu Majima/Takehiko Kawakubo Kentaro Kimura Kazuaki Hashida/Yusuke Shimizu Ken Funaki Koichiro Iizuka Ken Funaki Kei Mizuta/Toshiya Hiramatsu/Takanori Sato/Misato Noro/Sayaka Sakata/Shingo Kato Norihisa Yamaguchi We regenerated a giant tarp of advertising at the Sony Building in Ginza to Sony Recycle Project JEANS. What is the best display design to communicate the concept of this activity? Design the display to sell them at the place of origin: Sony Building’s wall. That is “farm fresh”. So we aimed to gain a better understanding for the recycling concept by the display design, selling at where the ad was run. As of end of November, we have sold the target number of 90 pairs. Advertising media cost is none, but we got the publicity over $400,000 worth. Ryuichiro Takase  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays Leo Burnett Toronto CANADA Silk "Silk vs. Milk" White Wave Foods Leo Burnett Toronto Leo Burnett Toronto Judy John Judy John/Lisa Greenberg Caio Oyafuso Josh Rachlis Dave Tupper Hamin Lee Scott Leder  
Design / Product/Brand Environments/Installations/Displays McCann Erickson Spain Madrid SPAIN Stop Accidentes "Car In A Bottle" Stop Accidentes McCann Erickson Madrid Madrid Silvia Linde Leandro Raposo Pablo Colonnese/Pablo Stricker/Mónica Moro Javier Wandosell Javier Wandosell The "Stop Accidents" NGO -one of the most acclaimed for its efforts to build that awareness and for the support provided for the victims of road accidents- decided to set in motion this itinerant communication action. Using different advertising supports strategically picked along the main traffic routes out of Madrid, and drawing inspiration from the well-known "ship in a bottle" concept, we replaced the ship with a genuine crashed car, a real write-off raised 8 metres off the ground inside a giant, iconic bottle of alcohol. Ana Galán  
Design / Product/Brand Posters BBDO Germany Düsseldorf GERMANY MTV Networks Germany "Black Ribbon" MTV Networks Germany GmbH BBDO Germany Düsseldorf Dirk Bittermann/Liselotte Schwenkert Toygar Bazarkaya Carsten Bolk Martin Knipprath Milena Hirschochs/Aristotelis Saflanis Since the start of MTV, Michael Jackson has had a strong influence on the channel. MTV wanted to honour the King of pop by searching for a worthy expression of sadness to denote his passing. The idea relies on the well known, global symbol of mourning - the black ribbon, which is combined with a typical Michael Jackson pose. Thanks to many communication channels, such as the internet, TV, print and posters, a large target group was reached. Verena Piltz  
Design / Product/Brand Posters Dentsu Inc. Tokyo JAPAN One Show Exhibition 2009 In Japan "The Oneder Brain!!" Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Yuya Furukawa Haruko TsutsuiMariko Tsukamoto/Fujinari Tsutsumi/Eriko Ishibashi/Nae Mikuni Yoshihiro Yagi Yoshihiro Yagi/Yo Kimurada/Katsutoshi Hanada The posters were made to announce the One Show Exhibition and let the target know that One Show is an award competition for creative minds working at the highest level, by using a visual that would overwhelm them. Our idea was to depict the creative thought process of the creative minds recognized at One Show. The explosive moment when an idea is created and the seemingly chaotic state of the mind are symbolized by what looks like a circuit board, using a great number of words.  
Design / Product/Brand Visual Identity Systems Leo Burnett London UNITED KINGDOM House of Cards "House of Cards Exhibition" Shelter Leo Burnett London Pentagram Gary Simmons Jonathan Burley Domenic Lippa Daniel Fisher Richard Brim Rachel Murphy