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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Corporate Name of Client Agency Advertising Agency City Production Company Production Company City Sound Design Company Sound Design Company City Agency Account Director(s) Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) Scored By Basic description of the project Media Type Interactive Designer Programmer Other Senior Executive Producer Client Account Director(s) Designer
The NEW Category The NEW Category Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES Twelpforce Best Buy Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Smuggler Los Angeles Jon Balck Jeff Benjamin/Andrew Keller/Rob Reilly Evan Fry DJ Pierce/Justin Ebert Justin Ebert/David Littlejohn/Tom Pettus DJ Pierce/David Brown Greta Ackerman Pam Scheideler/Paul Gunnarson Brenda Fogg Lisa Rich Drew Santarsiero (Line) Henry-Alex Rubin Television, Print, Websites, Blogs Daisy Chavoshi/Christian Behrendt/Slava Morshch/Leif Abraham Director of Integrated Production: Dave Rolfe; Integrated Head of Interactive: Winston Binch Jackie Duffus Tiffany Yang (Experience) Interactive Art Directors: Kat Street/David Gonsalves; Director of Photography: Marcelo Durst; Experience Director: Matt Walsh
The NEW Category The NEW Category DDB Stockholm Stockholm SWEDEN Volkswagen - Blue Motion Technologies Volkswagen Sweden DDB Stockholm Stockholm Birth Jerker Fagerstöm/Martin Larsson Andreas Dahlqvist Martin Lundgren Simon Higby/Simon Mogren Michael Bugaj/Barbro Långjuth/Daniel Alinder Patrik Sundgren Volkswagen asked us to create a campaign that would generate interest around BlueMotion Technologies. A series of cars and innovations that help reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance or the joy of driving. Our insight was that VW made it easier to choose an eco car by making them more fun to drive. Our solution was a theory, focusing on the thinking behind the cars; that the easiest way to change human behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do.   We called this The Fun Theory Outdoor, Blogs, Ambient, Live Events, Online Andreas Andersson/Fredrik Dahlén Planners: Cecilia Cederlid/Karl Wikström Lars Axelsson Karl-Johan Vogelius  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES Domino's Pizza Turnaround Domino's Pizza Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Smuggler Los Angeles Carter Nance Jeff Benjamin/Andrew Keller/Rob Reilly Tony Calcao/Mark Moll Craig Miller/Matt Denyer Matt Talbot/Roberto Lastra Andrew Lincoln/Brian Lambert Daren Lew/Matthew Woolf Julie Vosburgh/Christina Carter Lisa Rich Henry-Alex Rubin Television, Websites, Blogs, Radio Shannon Brown Director of Integrated Production: Dave Rolfe; Integrated Head of Interactive: Winston Binch Karen Kaiser Nathan Reuss (Experience) Group Executive Producer: Ivan Perez-Armendariz; Line Producer: Drew Santarsiero; Editing Facility: Number Six; Editor: Fred Fouquet; Post-Production Company: Method Studios; Music: Black Iris; Colorist: Siggy Ferstl/Co3; Animation: Wilderness Animation; Audio Mix: Lime Studios; Mixers: Sam Casas/Loren Silber; Interactive Technical Directors: Scott Prindle/Brian Skahan; Associate Technical Director: Joseph Corr; Experience Director: Matt Walsh; Development Partner: Crowd Favorite; Interactive Agency Producers: Chris Mele/Erica de Rozario
The NEW Category The NEW Category Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg SWEDEN IKEA - "Facebook Showroom" IKEA Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg Lennart Sjöberg Websites, Online/Offline Games, Ambient, Live Events, Networked Communities, Direct Media Agency: Mediaedge:cia Sara Zakariasson  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Hal, Masashi, Magico & Masayoshi New York UNITED STATES SOUR Zealot Co., Ltd./Neutral Nine Records/Sour Hal, Masashi, Magico & Masayoshi New York Hal Kirkland/Masashi Kawamura/Magico Nakamura/Masayoshi Nakamura Sour ‘Hibi No Niero’ is a music video that is filmed entirely via webcam. The 80 plus cast members were sourced from the band’s international fan base. Each animation sequence relies on the precise choreography of up to 64 people at a time, each webcam screen representing one pixel in a larger image. With a production budget of $0 the entire production relied solely on the enthusiasm and time donated by the fans themselves. Webcam also provided a very poignant medium since they’ve become the standard tool for connecting people around the world. Music Video  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney AUSTRALIA The Sun Sound The Cancer Council Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney Justin Drape/Scott Nowell Noah Regan Nick Morrissey Scott Dettrick Thea Carone The Sun Sound is a sound that reminds people to protect themselves from the sun in the same way a shark alarm warns people of sharks. The sound was composed by singer/songwriter Ben Lee and can be played on existing PA systems. The sound launched on Australian beaches and has since spread to other outdoor areas such as schools, parks and sporting events. Outdoor, Ambient Composer: Ben Lee  
The NEW Category The NEW Category BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Starbucks & (RED)™ Starbucks & (RED)™ BBDO New York New York Gorgeous Enterprises London/Santa Monica David Lubars David Carter/Linda Honan Jesse Brihn Paul Rothwell/Rupert Smythe/Brian Latt/Jennifer Siegel/Dustin Callif Michaela Johnson/Justin Bain Chris Palmer We pushed Starbucks’ holiday initiative beyond merely selling a product and used their global reach to raise awareness and donations for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. On December 7th, at 1:30 pm GMT, we united musicians from over 156 countries to sing “All You Need Is Love” at exactly the same time. The live footage was broadcast at a London event and on, so the whole world could see and join in. The event set a new Guinness World Records™ record for “Most Nations in an Online Sing-a-long.” Television,Print,Websites,Live Events,Networked Communities Craig Bryant/Michael Sanders/Tom Stanley Music Company: Search Party Music Director of Music/Radio Production: Rani Vaz; Digital Production Company: Tool of North America; Director of Integrated Production: Brian DiLorenzo; Director, Projection Location: Paul Ellison; Interactive Director: Aaron Koblin
The NEW Category The NEW Category DDB UK London UNITED KINGDOM Monopoly City Hasbro Inc DDB UK London Sheerien Salindera Matt Ross Simon Richings Matt Ross Matt Fenn/Tony Cianci Romain Brisson Neil Lee MONOPOLY is all about negotiation. We were briefed to amplify this brand value whilst bringing to life Hasbro’s latest release, MONOPOLY City, through an intense, rewarding and social experience. We created the biggest online game of MONOPOLY ever. A global online campaign that takes the game into the real world with a live worldwide game of MONOPOLY Websites,Online/Offline Games Matt Fenn/Tony Cianci Carlton Dickson/Nicole Schloeter/Ben Cooper-Holmes/Christo Coetzee  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Farfar Stockholm SWEDEN Nokia - The World's Biggest Sign Post Nokia Farfar Stockholm Christian Nord/Marten Forslund Jon Dranger Erik Norin Carl Fredrik Jannerfeldt Tomas Jonsson Marie Persson/Louise Stenborg/Ulrika Hojgard Challenge: Engage people to start using Nokias navigation services, both on their phones and on the web. Execution: A 50 meter tall 60 ton structure that pointed out peoples favorite locations all around the world. You could submit your location either through your phone or by dropping a pin on the Good Things map, and within moments the giant arrow turned and displayed the direction and distance to your location. Results: An estimated 862 000 people saw the installation just by walking across Tower Bridge and the amount of users on Nokias online navigation service increased by 129 %. Outdoor, Websites, Ambient, Mobile, SMS interaction Robert Jarvi/Mikael Ring/Bjorn Uppeke David Looberger Head of Strategy: Niku Banaie; Creative President: Matias Palm Jensen Kai Torstila Event Production: Mission; Mobile Application Production: Starcut
The NEW Category The NEW Category Ogilvy Guatemala Guatemala GUATEMALA Claro Claro Ogilvy Guatemala Guatemala Gustavo Alejos Ramiro Eduardo Miguel Mayen Ruben Leyton/Herberth Monterroso/Jorge Perez/Jose Contreras Ramiro Eduardo/Miguel Mayen Francisco Coutiño Backgroud: Guatemala's internal migration rates have caused 70% of the population to be settled in the main urban cities, half of them immigrating from rural villages. Idea: Mayan dialects have given birth to the names of many of Guatemala’s towns and cities. We turned those names into RINGTOWNS, imitating the ringtones found in mobile phones, while making them available to consumers for free. 30+ RINGTOWNS that used the names of some of the 1,500 towns and cities throughout the country where Claro's coverage can reach. RINGTOWNS spread Claro’s coverage message turning every incoming call or sms into a commercial. Websites, Mobile, Direct, Radio Planner: Maria Andrea Salvadó Jose Jorge Castillo  
The NEW Category The NEW Category R/GA New York UNITED STATES Nokia Rihanna Live Nokia R/GA London Naiad Angel/Colin Muchler/Anthony Wickham James Temple Nilesh Mehta/Liz Sivell Charlotte Fereday/Andy Cutbill Steve Errey/Shelley McCall Sabrina Tubio-Cid Nokia teamed up with Rihanna for an exclusive live concert to debut her new album “Rated R.” We created a digital platform, building excitement before the concert through exclusive blog content, personal videos, and images from Rihanna herself. A widget and mobile application counted down to the big performance, keeping fans updated on the latest activity, music, and media. On the big night, live video of Rihanna’s performance at the Brixton Academy in London was streamed across the digital platform (via the website, mobile, and widget). Viewers could switch camera angles and even watch live footage taken by audience members. Websites, Live Events, Networked Communities, Mobile Sound Designer: Mike Frank Managing Director: Jim Moffatt; Design Director: Lucio Ruffo; Associate Creative Director: Ilia Uvarov; Senior Visual Designer: Cyril Luis; Visual Designer: Ben Minton; Flash Designer: Paula Wagner; Senior Designer: Ricardo Amorin; Senior Interaction Designer: Ben Leedham; Interaction Design Director: Christopher Dugan; Technology Team Lead/Solutions Architect: Nicolas Le Pallec; Presentation Code Developer: Michael Potts; Executive Technical Director: Will Turnage/Nick Coronges; Strategy Director: Nick Coronges; Flash Developers: Rimas Kcvickas/Silvio Panganini; PHP Developer: Kornel Farkas; Quality Assurance Engineer: Chris Akinniyi; VP of Production: Vin Farrell; Senior Producer: Thom Little; Post-Production Supervisor: Dayna Vesci; Digital Video Editor: Mike Abrams
The NEW Category The NEW Category SapientNitro London UNITED KINGDOM Wall's Ice Cream Unilever SapientNitro London Greg Boullin Gaston Legorburu Tom Evans Joel Bradley/John McHale/Will Renny Chomoi Picho-Owiny Daisoo Lee/Mike Kelly Aram Yang/FK Funderburke Marlon Munoz Cameron McCleary/Hunter Spence  
The NEW Category The NEW Category The Martin Agency Richmond UNITED STATES We Choose the Moon The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum and AOL The Martin Agency, Richmond/Domani Studios, Brooklyn Domani Studios Brooklyn Carrie Bird Joe Alexander/Jon Hills Wade Alger Brian Williams/Ben Tricklebank Darbi Fretwell/Norma Kwée Oscar Trelles/Jarrod Bull Steven Hubert Chip Jenkins is a real-time interactive re-creation of the Apollo 11 mission, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. The site features 102 hours of live audio transmissions, 450 photos and videos from the NASA and JFK Library archives, and fullscreen 3D animation. In addition, 650 pieces of mission dialogue were rebroadcast over twitter in real time, exactly 40 years after they were said. The live portion of the site ended on the afternoon of July 20th, so the site is now in self-guided mode, allowing you to re-live the mission at your own pace. Websites, Live Events Saulo Rodrigues/Justin Young Mark Llobrera/Chris Wise Editors: Jim Vaile/Shang Gao Lee Statham Petter Safwenberg  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Tokyo JAPAN Nike Free Run+ - "Nike Music Shoe" Nike Japan Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Tokyo Taiyo Kikaku, Tokyo/DELTRO Inc. Tokyo Rhizomatiks Tokyo Ted Yukawa/Kohei Adachi Frank Hahn/Naoki Ito Hiroshi Kuyama/Takayuki Rokutan Shingo Ohno/Naoki Ga Kenji Tanaka Satoshi Takahashi (film) Kosai Sekine (film) When Nike launched Nike Free Run+, Nike Japan asked us to create buzz for the shoe, its flexibility and Nike+ compatibility. To do so, we created the Nike Music Shoe, a functioning musical instrument that creates sound when bent. We collaborated with Rhizomatiks to develop and produce 8 music shoes. Break beats unit HIFANA wrote and performed the song. The video became a hit on YouTube, gathering well over 500,000 views within the first 10 days of its release. Web film Masanori Sakamoto (DELTRO Inc.) Ken Murayama (DELTRO Inc.) Planner (instrument): Seiichi Saito - Rhizomatiks; Engineers: Software/Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) Mits Minowa  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Y&R New York New York UNITED STATES Cellularsouth - "Y'All vs Us" Cellular South Y&R New York New York Moxie Pictures David Haughey Tony Granger Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal Richard Butt Cooper Smith David Canning Cellular South had a problem: Being too "local" to keep up with national competitors. So, how do you make Southern a strength? Sponsor their passion and their region¹s passion: high school football. We sponsored five rivalries and broadcast them NFL style. We produced a documentary series following two rival teams. An integrated campaign promoted the program. As well as a redesigned website for all the content. RESULTS: 75,000 fans at games 200% increase in web traffic 30% increase in store traffic 60% increase in phone activation $3.3 MM in earned media A documentary series in over 85 million households nationwide Television, Outdoor, Live Events, Radio, Branded Content Global Director of Creative Content: Kerry Keenan; Executive Director Content Production: Nathy Aviram; Agency Producers: Jo Kelly/Kim Cross; Music Supervisor: Eric Johnson; Editors: Dave Herman/IIya Magazanin; Post Production: Level 2; Assistant Producer: Gary Granger
The NEW Category The NEW Category BBDO West San Francisco UNITED STATES Goodwill Goodwill BBDO West San Francisco Elana Shea Jim Lesser/Jon Soto Michael Barti Michael Barti Heward Jue The creative idea was to deliver Goodwill’s message in the garments themselves. All clothes have care instructions. We added one more, redefining what care really means: “Donate to Goodwill when no longer needed and care for our planet.” We even designed a special “donate” laundry symbol. The messaging was incorporated into new Levi’s clothing beginning in 2010.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne AUSTRALIA Guide Dogs Australia - "Support Scent" Guide Dogs Australia Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne Exit Films Melbourne Flagstaff Studios, Melbourne/Level Two Music Melbourne Ricci Meldrum/Nici Henningsen James McGrath Ant Keogh Damian Royce Julian Schreiber Tom Martin David Rosendale Beci Orpin Beci Orpin/Tom Martin Sevda Cemo Jane Liscombe/Allison Lockwood Amy Gerbhardt/Micca Delaney The Bon Scotts Guide Dogs Australia’s sole purpose is ending the isolation that can result from being blind. So when creating support for their cause, we thought it absolutely vital not to exclude the blind. Therefore anything requiring sight, such as ribbons was considered unacceptable. Thus we created something that appeals to another sense entirely–smell. A unisex fragrance called Support Scent, that actually allows the blind to recognize support around them. Priced at $5, all proceeds of the scent, go to the charity. Now a whole new support base for the blind has emerged, with a 33% lift in fundraising upon launch. Television, Print, Outdoor, Websites, Blogs, Ambient, Editorial, Radio Sam Hodgson/Nicola Mclaughlin/Tom Martin/Julian Schreiber Monkii Strategic Planner: Mike Hyde Theresa Hoogland/Graeme White Beci Orpin  
The NEW Category The NEW Category DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY IKEA Furniture IKEA Austria Hubble Innovations Berlin Patrick Baschinski/Gesa Birkmann Amir Kassaei Dennis May Ricardo Wolff Gabriel Mattar Challenge: Prove that IKEA cares about the environment. Solution: An innovative way to prove this attitude, by turning packaging into cardboard objects. This way, instead of throwing packaging in the trash, Ikea costumers cut and build free products for their homes. Result: Consumers got new products, Planet Earth stayed healthier, and IKEA proved its clean attitude without spending a single cent in conventional media. Direct, Product Development Alexandra Fellner  
The NEW Category The NEW Category George Patterson Y&R Melbourne AUSTRALIA Cadbury Picnic Cadbury Australia George Patterson Y&R Melbourne Alice Mason/Michael Napolitano Ben Coulson Jim Ingram/Ben Couzens Jim Ingram Ben Couzens Romanca Jasinski A Picnic chocolate bar is chewy, nutty and difficult to eat. We challenged our audience to eat a Picnic in the space of an ad break (30 secs). They filmed themselves using mobile phones, webcams and handycams and then created their own TV ads using our website. We pre-recorded over 50 different scripts and 1,500 names so each ad could be personalized. In an Australian first, every single ad that went to air on television (200+) was unique, and created using our website. Check it out yourself at Television, Outdoor, Websites, Blogs, Email, Networked Communities, Direct Stephen Joss Beau Rushton/Jadon Baker Planning: Kate Smither/Luc Weisman  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo JAPAN K's JAPAN K's JAPAN Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo Hakuhodo Products Inc., Tokyo/TYO Productions Tokyo Jin Saito Hidenori Sakai Kentaro Harano Shoko Akutagawa Hirofumi Nobuta - H Products/Michikazu Sakata - TYO Manabu Terao Our challenge was to make K’s JAPAN famous as a cool rock guitar brand. Instead of creating a normal advertisement, we developed an extreme product to excite people and engage them with K’s JAPAN. A guitar born-to-be-destroyed, SMASH! SMASH is meant to be destroyed in its structure, recycle system and price. It can be played as a normal guitar too. It’s an extraction of rock spirit, “Destroy-to-Create!” Destroy rigid systems to create a new world. With this spirit, we aimed to attract not only rock fans but people wanting to breakthrough stress of recession. Print,Websites,Live Events,Networked Communities,Direct,MTV and Special Shower's TV show, iPhone app Hakuhodo - PR Planners: Kenta Ikoma/Takeshi Muro/Kenichi Motoyama Keiichi Sasaki  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Happiness Brussels Brussels BELGIUM Toyota Toyota Happiness Brussels Brussels Pascal Kemajou Gregory Titeca/Karen Corrigan Gregory Titeca Tom Galle/Ramin Afshar/Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz Concept: To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ is the first car in the world ever to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with a number of individuals: Zach Lieberman - pioneer in interactive art. Pierre and Damien - color tracking software developers from Pleaseletmedesign, which is a type and graphic design studio. Stef van Campenhoudt - professional pilot and European champion of GT3 Racing. He was the font driver. Collectively these individuals created the iQ Font. Websites, Blogs, Networked Communities, Direct, Interactive tool Zachary Lieberman pleaseletmedesign  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Whopper Face - Burger King Burger King Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Bossa Nova Films São Paulo Bamba Music São Paulo Carolina Vieira/Virgínia Mendes Anselmo Ramos Michel Lent Angela Bassichetti Eduardo Marques Douglas Kozonoe Rubens Angelo Giuliano Saade One hidden cam, one printer and a wrapper. That's all we needed to prove that Burger King® sandwiches are made to order, exactly your way. When customers ordered WHOPPER® burgers, they had their picture taken without noticing it. Customers then got their made-to-order burgers with their faces on the wrappers. That way, Burger King® reinforced the HAVE IT YOUR WAY™ positioning, proving that each sandwich is made to order, especially for the customer. Burger King International asked the Agency to redesign the project to be implemented in BK stores around the world. Websites, Blogs, Ambient, Live Events, Networked Communities, Direct Head of Art: Denis Kakazu; Voice Over: Zachary Lee