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The NEW Category The NEW Category BBDO West San Francisco UNITED STATES Goodwill Goodwill BBDO West San Francisco Elana Shea Jim Lesser/Jon Soto Michael Barti Michael Barti Heward Jue The creative idea was to deliver Goodwill’s message in the garments themselves. All clothes have care instructions. We added one more, redefining what care really means: “Donate to Goodwill when no longer needed and care for our planet.” We even designed a special “donate” laundry symbol. The messaging was incorporated into new Levi’s clothing beginning in 2010.  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne AUSTRALIA Guide Dogs Australia - "Support Scent" Guide Dogs Australia Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne Exit Films Melbourne Flagstaff Studios, Melbourne/Level Two Music Melbourne Ricci Meldrum/Nici Henningsen James McGrath Ant Keogh Damian Royce Julian Schreiber Tom Martin David Rosendale Beci Orpin Beci Orpin/Tom Martin Sevda Cemo Jane Liscombe/Allison Lockwood Amy Gerbhardt/Micca Delaney The Bon Scotts Guide Dogs Australia’s sole purpose is ending the isolation that can result from being blind. So when creating support for their cause, we thought it absolutely vital not to exclude the blind. Therefore anything requiring sight, such as ribbons was considered unacceptable. Thus we created something that appeals to another sense entirely–smell. A unisex fragrance called Support Scent, that actually allows the blind to recognize support around them. Priced at $5, all proceeds of the scent, go to the charity. Now a whole new support base for the blind has emerged, with a 33% lift in fundraising upon launch. Television, Print, Outdoor, Websites, Blogs, Ambient, Editorial, Radio Sam Hodgson/Nicola Mclaughlin/Tom Martin/Julian Schreiber Monkii Strategic Planner: Mike Hyde Theresa Hoogland/Graeme White Beci Orpin  
The NEW Category The NEW Category DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY IKEA Furniture IKEA Austria Hubble Innovations Berlin Patrick Baschinski/Gesa Birkmann Amir Kassaei Dennis May Ricardo Wolff Gabriel Mattar Challenge: Prove that IKEA cares about the environment. Solution: An innovative way to prove this attitude, by turning packaging into cardboard objects. This way, instead of throwing packaging in the trash, Ikea costumers cut and build free products for their homes. Result: Consumers got new products, Planet Earth stayed healthier, and IKEA proved its clean attitude without spending a single cent in conventional media. Direct, Product Development Alexandra Fellner  
The NEW Category The NEW Category George Patterson Y&R Melbourne AUSTRALIA Cadbury Picnic Cadbury Australia George Patterson Y&R Melbourne Alice Mason/Michael Napolitano Ben Coulson Jim Ingram/Ben Couzens Jim Ingram Ben Couzens Romanca Jasinski A Picnic chocolate bar is chewy, nutty and difficult to eat. We challenged our audience to eat a Picnic in the space of an ad break (30 secs). They filmed themselves using mobile phones, webcams and handycams and then created their own TV ads using our website. We pre-recorded over 50 different scripts and 1,500 names so each ad could be personalized. In an Australian first, every single ad that went to air on television (200+) was unique, and created using our website. Check it out yourself at Television, Outdoor, Websites, Blogs, Email, Networked Communities, Direct Stephen Joss Beau Rushton/Jadon Baker Planning: Kate Smither/Luc Weisman  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo JAPAN K's JAPAN K's JAPAN Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo Hakuhodo Products Inc., Tokyo/TYO Productions Tokyo Jin Saito Hidenori Sakai Kentaro Harano Shoko Akutagawa Hirofumi Nobuta - H Products/Michikazu Sakata - TYO Manabu Terao Our challenge was to make K’s JAPAN famous as a cool rock guitar brand. Instead of creating a normal advertisement, we developed an extreme product to excite people and engage them with K’s JAPAN. A guitar born-to-be-destroyed, SMASH! SMASH is meant to be destroyed in its structure, recycle system and price. It can be played as a normal guitar too. It’s an extraction of rock spirit, “Destroy-to-Create!” Destroy rigid systems to create a new world. With this spirit, we aimed to attract not only rock fans but people wanting to breakthrough stress of recession. Print,Websites,Live Events,Networked Communities,Direct,MTV and Special Shower's TV show, iPhone app Hakuhodo - PR Planners: Kenta Ikoma/Takeshi Muro/Kenichi Motoyama Keiichi Sasaki  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Happiness Brussels Brussels BELGIUM Toyota Toyota Happiness Brussels Brussels Pascal Kemajou Gregory Titeca/Karen Corrigan Gregory Titeca Tom Galle/Ramin Afshar/Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz Concept: To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ is the first car in the world ever to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with a number of individuals: Zach Lieberman - pioneer in interactive art. Pierre and Damien - color tracking software developers from Pleaseletmedesign, which is a type and graphic design studio. Stef van Campenhoudt - professional pilot and European champion of GT3 Racing. He was the font driver. Collectively these individuals created the iQ Font. Websites, Blogs, Networked Communities, Direct, Interactive tool Zachary Lieberman pleaseletmedesign  
The NEW Category The NEW Category Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Whopper Face - Burger King Burger King Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Bossa Nova Films São Paulo Bamba Music São Paulo Carolina Vieira/Virgínia Mendes Anselmo Ramos Michel Lent Angela Bassichetti Eduardo Marques Douglas Kozonoe Rubens Angelo Giuliano Saade One hidden cam, one printer and a wrapper. That's all we needed to prove that Burger King® sandwiches are made to order, exactly your way. When customers ordered WHOPPER® burgers, they had their picture taken without noticing it. Customers then got their made-to-order burgers with their faces on the wrappers. That way, Burger King® reinforced the HAVE IT YOUR WAY™ positioning, proving that each sandwich is made to order, especially for the customer. Burger King International asked the Agency to redesign the project to be implemented in BK stores around the world. Websites, Blogs, Ambient, Live Events, Networked Communities, Direct Head of Art: Denis Kakazu; Voice Over: Zachary Lee