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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Corporate Name of Client Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Agency Account Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Container Company Container Company City Engraver(s) Basic description of the project Concept Client Account Director(s)
Package Design Beverages - Non-Alcoholic Rediffusion Dentsu Y&R Mumbai INDIA Rasna Pioma Industries WHO ( A Rediffusion - Y&R Group Company ) Mumbai WHO ( A Rediffusion - Y&R Group Company ) Mumbai Siddhartha Singh Ashutosh Karkhanis Ashutosh Karkhanis Ashutosh Karkhanis Priyanka Khedekar Ashutosh Karkhanis/Priyanka Khedekar The task was to create iconic packaging to redefine the identity, revive the brand, make it relevant to the imagination of children who consumed it and strongly influenced the purchase decision. Instead of creating normal packs, which would portray Rasna as just another player in the nutritional drink market, we conceived an idea that got the most mileage by making maximum use of the pack itself. We did this by printing mythological and folklore characters on the reverse of the carton, which came to life in a child's imagination. This made the product appeal to parents and children alike. Maulik Desai Chief Creative Officer: Minakshi Achan; Retouching: Gurunath Patil
Package Design Computer Software/Electronics Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Panasonic Earphones - "The Earphones Note" Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Scholz & Friends Salvatore Amato/Mona Braun Martin Pross/Matthias Spaetgens Michael Winterhagen Felix John Walter Ziegler/Philipp Weber Agency Producers: Benito Schumacher/Christoph von Lengerke/Franziska Ibe/Diana Wuttge
Package Design Cosmetics ADK Tokyo JAPAN HOYU3210 HOYU Co., Ltd. ADK Tokyo ADK, Tokyo/Katachi, Tokyo/Iro, Tokyo Tomohiro Sakurai Hideo Fujimoto Mutsumi Ajichi/Kunikazu Hoshida The concept for this brand is “countdown”. As the hair dresser is about to finish the customer’s hair, the customer’s anticipation reaches a high point. The product is used to conclude this countdown to the finish. The shape of the bottle also symbolizes what is in the making. The design concept is the Japanese aesthetic of preferring what is “unfinished but conveys a movement in progress” and a shape that one wants to continue touching. The mould was made by hand, without using any computer graphics, and completed over a time period of two years. Planner: Kazuya Nakajima; Design Producers: Murakami Takashi/Hiro Kinoshita/Katachi/Asuhiro Nagae/Iro
Package Design Cosmetics Kolle Rebbe Hamburg GERMANY Stop The Water While Using Me! T.D.G. Vertriebs UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg/KOREFE, Hamburg Juliane Ahlfeld Katrin Oeding Till Grabsch Christian Doering Imke Jansen Ana Magalhaes The packaging conveys environmental awareness on all levels: the manufacturing is already highly resource-friendly. The packaging is exclusively made from biodegradable materials. Its design is kept as minimalistic as possible, as are all other design elements. Limiting the design to black as a colour means doing without poisonous colours. The straightforward typography is hand-drawn. This use of reduction of all elements emphasises the call for austerity. Felix Negwer  
Package Design Foods hasan & partners oy Helsinki FINLAND Fazer Bakery Products / Vilpuri Fazer Leipomot hasan & partners Helsinki Heidi Gutekunst Eka Ruola Mick Scheinin Sanna Veijalainen Tarja Sinkkonen The world is full of children's products with small characters added to their packaging. How could we do this in a fresh, interesting way that would stand out among other bakery products and help us to produce differentiating but cost-effective marketing communications? Instead of just adding a character to packages, we transformed whole package into an illustrated character that devours the content. Package design is the base for the whole marketing communication concept. 'It fits small mouths' . Ismo Nikkola/Kirsi Nordberg Account Manager: Tanja Ijäs
Package Design Foods Kolle Rebbe Hamburg GERMANY The Deli Garage - Chocolate Glue The Deli Garage UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg/KOREFE, Hamburg Kristina Wulf Stefan Kolle Katrin Oeding Till Grabsch Reginald Wagner Jan Hartwig/Paul Svoboda The Ponal white glue bottle is essential inventory in every workshop, which is why the Deli Garage uses it too. The design of the packaging is very simple, but very clever: using typography and saucer eyes stuck on the bottle, the Chocolate Glue monster comes alive and watches as the Chocolate Glue pours out of the bottle. Chocolate Glue isn’t just a delight to enjoy – squeezing it out of the bottle is fun too. Felix Negwer  
Package Design Foods Kolle Rebbe Hamburg GERMANY The Deli Garage - Multi Noodles The Deli Garage UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg/KOREFE, Hamburg Kristina Wulf Stefan Kolle Katrin Oeding Till Grabsch Reginald Wagner Jan Hartwig/Paul Svoboda Multi Noodles launched on the market in a clearly structured screw box: as nails, screws, bolts and nuts. The shapes don’t just represent shapes and forms found in the workshop domain, which is typical to Deli Garage foods. They also underline how essential pasta is: it holds every dish together. Felix Negwer  
Package Design Liquors Ogilvy & Mather Vienna AUSTRIA Mario Haller Schnapps Mario Haller Ogilvy & Mather Vienna Gerd Schulte-Döinghaus Helge Haberzettl Christian Bircher/Patrik Sünwoldt For the label, we chose varieties of sand paper - the stronger the brandy, the larger the granulation. Already the first grasp of the bottle gives an indication of how "intense" or "mild" the content is. Haller Fine Fruit Brandies are created from entirely natural products without any additives. Therefore, the label design has a pure look, in keep with the purely natural contents. Already in the shop we wanted the consumers to feel the different strenghts (grade of destillation = percentage alcohol) of the offered Mario Haller Brandies by using various grades of sand paper for the labelling.  
Package Design Liquors Stranger and Stranger London UNITED KINGDOM The Kraken Spiced Rum Proximo Spirits Proximo New York Stranger and Stranger London Kevin Shaw Kevin Shaw Kevin Shaw Karin Taylor Alex Machin Kevin Shaw Kraken is a black spiced rum in a bespoke bottle shape with shoulder hoops. The label has an old print pastiche of the Giant Squid. It was created as an alternative to the very popular Captain Morgan. The spiced Caribbean rum market is dominated by one mainstream brand and there was a real opportunity to create a product with a little more attitude to target the younger sector of this growing market. The bottle has great shelf and backbar standout and demand has been so high that it sold in excess of 480,000 bottles in the first few months. Elwyn Gladstone  
Package Design Liquors Serviceplan Munich GERMANY Dr. Moeller’s Quince Brandy Schnapsbrennerei Dr. Thorsten Möller Serviceplan Munich Serviceplan Munich Anne Jordan Christoph Everke Cosimo Moeller Alexander Nagel Adrian Jäschke/Matthäus Frost/Elena Ressel The exclusive quince liquor is a truly unique drink, a precious distillate that should be poured and enjoyed with great care. And to make sure that not a drop is wasted, Dr. Möller’s Quince Brandy now also comes in a calibrated pipette bottle. This emphasises the product’s exclusive nature and with a touch of humour alludes to the medical history of its manufacturer. Dr. Thorsten Möller Chief Creative Officer: Alex Schill
Package Design Special Packaging identis GmbH Freiburg GERMANY Wild Bag® Box winwood48 KG identis, Freiburg Joseph Poelzelbauer Joseph Poelzelbauer/Jean Mierecke/Simone Poelzelbauer Simone Poelzelbauer The Wild Bag® Box is the packaging for out_of_ark®, a bag collection with 3 basic models and 15 different motifs featuring animals from 5 continents. The Crossover bags are transported in an “escape-proof” Wild Bag Box. This makes the Wild Bag Box more than just packaging. It becomes part of the story and affirms the products’ vitality. The lively contents are kept safe, but are clearly visible through the bars. The corrugated board as the basic material is left in its natural state. What’s inside becomes part of the packaging, which in turn strengthens the product profile.