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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title(s) Corporate Name of Client Agency Advertising Agency City Agency Account Director(s) Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Basic description of the project Other Concept Client Account Director(s)
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Automotive DDB UK London UNITED KINGDOM Volkswagen Scirocco "Top Gear" Volkswagen DDB UK London Jonathan Hill Jeremy Craigen Scirocco sales were in decline and advertising budgets focused on launching new models. The challenge was to find an unconventional and low cost solution to drive awareness amongst an audience of performance car enthusiasts. SOLUTION: Challenge Top Gear, the most popular car programme in the world amongst performance car enthusiasts, to produce a 30” second TV ad for the new Scirocco. RESULTS: • 8 ads produced • 21 minutes 20secs of coverage • 350 million views worldwide • Over 1 million hits on YouTube • Record visits to Account Director: Paul Billingsley; Account Manager: James Myers Rod McLeod  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Automotive DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY Volkswagen Polo "The Car Recycling Drop Box" Volkswagen AG DDB Germany Berlin Marie-Louise Jakob Amir Kassaei Stefan Schulte Birgit van den Valentyn/Tim Stuebane Manuel Wenzel David Stadtmüller Philipp Bertisch Our task was to tell people that the new Polo is produced out of 95 % recyclable materials. People in Germany are used to recycled glass, paper and plates. So we just had to expand this matter of course for the new Polo. Luca de Meo  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Beverages - Alcoholic Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Andes "Teletransporter" Inbev Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires Jaime Vidal Mariano Serkin/Maxi Itzkoff Javier Campopiano Patricio del Sante Carlos Muller/Bruno Tortolano/Juan Pedro Porcaro Eduardo Palacios  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Beverages - Alcoholic JWT Italy Milan ITALY Heineken "Auditorium" Heineken Italia JWT Italy Milan Paola Natellis/Enrico Giraudi Pietro Maestri Bruno Bertelli/Cristiana Boccassini Cristiano Tonnarelli/Dario Gargiulo Marco Viganò We arranged an event to make beer drinkers experience how important preserving their most sacred moments, increasingly at risk by duties and responsibilities as time goes by. The perfect occasion was the UEFA Champions League (sponsored by Heineken) Real Madrid vs AC Milan. Our accomplices persuaded 1000 AC Milan fans to sacrifice the game on TV for a fake performance combining classical music and poetry. We revealed the trap just in time to make them enjoy the match on a huge screen, turning Heineken’s sponsorship into a unique brand property. Dario Gargiulo/Roberto Giugliano  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Beverages - Alcoholic Leo Burnett Toronto CANADA James Ready Beer "Cap Calendar" James Ready Leo Burnett Toronto Natasha Dagenais Judy John Judy John/Lisa Greenberg Steve Persico Anthony Chelvanathan Josh Rachlis Group Account Director: David Buckspan; Group Creative Directors: Paul Giannetta/Sean Barlow  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Beverages - Non-Alcoholic Colenso BBDO Auckland NEW ZEALAND V Pocket Rocket "Rocket Man" Frucor Beverages Colenso BBDO Auckland Angela Watson/ Jo Wealleans Nick Worthington Nick Worthington/Karl Fleet Emmanuel Bougneres To launch V’s new energy shot, Pocket Rocket, we used a hydrogen powered, 800 horsepower rocket pack to cone Auckland’s Sky Tower. The audacious nature of the coning stunt saw it explode on numerous blog sites, online media and it was picked up by national television in their six o’clock news bulletins. It became the highest rated TV campaign for ‘engagement’ and ‘talk ability’ in the history of New Zealand advertising as measured by Colmar Brunton. It helped lift total ‘V’ sales by 15% and become the first beverage to outsell coke in service stations and convenience stores. Agency Producer: Jen Storey Iaan Buchanan  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Corporate Image TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo JAPAN adidas Japan "Sky Comic" adidas Japan TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo Taro Sato Kazoo Sato Hideyuki Tanaka/Masaharu Kumagai Hirofumi Nakajima/Katsuhiro Shimizu/Haruhito Nisawadaira Suzuki Yoichi TERU Keisuke Shimizu Sky Comic project, which spanned 13 cities over five weeks, is a creation of 13 massive 300 square meter individual comic strip panels painted by national team supporters from all over Japan. The individual panels are photographed from the sky and uploaded to a website where the entire story comes together. As the final piece of thirteen massive comic frames were combined into not only an amazing show of national support but also the world’s largest comic strip. It was lit up in the early morning for the National Team to view as they departed from Haneda Airport to South Africa. Production Companies: Monster/FORMES inc. Soichi Shirakawa  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Corporate Image AlmapBBDO São Paulo BRAZIL Havaianas "Havaianas World Cup" São Paulo Alpargatas AlmapBBDO São Paulo Cristina Chacon Marcello Serpa Marcus Sulzbacher Marcello Serpa/Marcus Sulzbacher/Marcos Kotlhar/Pedro Filho Carla Schmitzberger/Rui Porto/Christina Assumpção/Eliana Vilches  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Corporate Image BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Starbucks "The Big Picture" Starbucks BBDO New York New York David Lubars Kim Haxton/Stuart Matz To launch Starbucks’ new Green Initiative, we set out to demonstrate the power of people coming together. On March 18 – 19 in New York, we created an event where thousands of New Yorkers traded in their paper cups for reusable mugs. Artists used the individual paper cups to create a giant mosaic image of a sequoia tree – representing the vast number of trees we can save if we all made one small change. As a result of the documented event, over one million people brought a reusable mug to Starbucks on April 15th. Agency Producers: Brian DiLorenzo/Nicholas Gaul/Rani Vaz Senior Creative Director: Linda Honan
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Corporate Image DDB Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL MASP Museum "Guided Tours" MASP Museum DDB Brasil Sao Paulo Daniel Malavazzi/Kim Moraes Sergio Valente Sergio Valente Marcelo Reis/Guilherme Jahara/Cassiano Saldanha Marcelo Reis Guilherme Jahara Paulo Vainer/Sergio Prado Paulo Donizete  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Corporate Image DDB Germany Berlin GERMANY IKEA Furniture "IKEA Cardboard Objects" IKEA Austria Hubble Innovations Berlin Patrick Baschinski/Gesa Birkmann Amir Kassaei Dennis May Ricardo Wolff Gabriel Mattar Challenge: Prove that IKEA cares about the environment. Solution: An innovative way to prove this attitude, by turning packaging into cardboard objects. This way, instead of throwing packaging in the trash, IKEA costumers cut and built free products for their homes. Result: Consumers got new products, Planet Earth stayed healthier, and IKEA proved its clean attitude without spending a single cent in conventional media. Agency Producers: Tzveta Pandoursky/Philipp Toyka Alexandra Fellner  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Media Promotion BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES HBO "Cube Film Installation" HBO BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce Greg Hahn/Mike Smith Adam Reeves Brandon Mugar The HBO Cube is a first-of-its-kind outdoor film event, embodying HBO's DNA of innovative storytelling. The Cube shows four sides of a story simultaneously – each providing a different perspective of the film’s characters and plot. Only by watching from all sides do viewers see the truth and find out what really happened. Two distinct films, “Art Heist” and “The Affair,” were specifically choreographed and created for the cube. Each film stood on its own, but, when viewers continued the experience on the campaign website, were revealed to be part of a large narrative experience. Agency Producers: Brian DiLorenzo/Nicholas Gaul/Jd Michaels  
Non-Traditional / Campaign Non-Traditional Campaign Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London UNITED KINGDOM ADT Alarms "Ten Alarms" ADT Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London Paul Brazier Paul Brazier Mike Sutherland Anthony Nelson In Britain a home is burgled every 37 seconds. Many of these properties already have burglar alarms fitted, but the majority of them are ignored. People either think it’s a false alarm or that someone else will sort out the problem. ADT Security Systems are different. Their alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that your alarm won't be ignored, giving you complete peace of mind. Instead of running a traditional poster campaign, we decided to use people’s homes to put our message across. We sprayed the ads directly onto wooden boards. Designer/Typographer: Aaron Moss Creative Group Heads: Anthony Nelson/Mike Sutherland
Non-Traditional / Campaign Non-Traditional Campaign Grabarz & Partner Hamburg GERMANY IKEA "Art Promotion" IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg/Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg Ralf Heuel/Arno Lindemann Tom Hauser Tom Hauser/André Hennen/Heiko Notter Oliver Brkitsch/Jan Woelfel/Stefan Schoembs/Tim Hartwig/Moritz Tolle Marie-Therese Cramer/Stefanie Abts Josefine Nitsch The Challenge. The task was to advertise the IKEA Assembly Service with an unusual idea that motivated IKEA customers and fans to book it. The Strategy. We turned a lack of do-it-yourself skills into artistic talent! This let us communicate our message with a twinkle in the eye rather than by pointing a lecturing finger. The Solution. An integrated campaign in which wrongly assembled IKEA furniture was showcased as sculptures. Depending on whether the target group consisted of customers before, during or after the purchase of IKEA furniture, we used different media channels to bring our message closer to them. Filmproduction: JoSchmid!Berlin Producer: Juergen Joppen; Production Company: NatalieBuba; Post Production: Andi Mall/Gwen Teichmann; Post Production Company: Slaughterhouse, Hamburg; Animation Company: Cobblestone, Hamburg; Animation: Sven Schoenmann; Cutter: Dennis Riebenstahl; Director: Silvio Helbig; Editor: Josch Kretzschmar; Sound Studio: Thomas Hahn (Hahn Nitzsche); Composer: Joep Beving; Advertiser's Supervisors: Claudia Willvonseder/Hendrik Zimmer/Sebastian Mensing
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Public Service/Social Welfare Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney AUSTRALIA The Cancer Council of Australia "Sun Sound" The Cancer Council Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney Justin Drape/Scott Nowell Noah Regan/Justin Drape Nick Morrissey Scott Dettrick The Sun Sound is a sound that reminds people to protect themselves from the sun in the same way a shark alarm warns people of sharks. The sound was composed by singer/songwriter Ben Lee and can be played on existing PA systems. The sound launched on Australian beaches and has since spread to other outdoor areas such as schools, parks and sporting events. Composer: Ben Lee  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Public Service/Social Welfare Gorgeous Enterprises London UNITED KINGDOM Barnardo's "Change Lives" Barnardo's BBH London Helen James Nick Gill Toby Allen Frank Budgen Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises, London  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Public Service/Social Welfare Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Bar Aurora / Boteco Ferraz "$73.000 Bar Tab" Bar Aurora / Boteco Ferraz Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Valeria Barone/Camila Porto/Samia Paz Anselmo Ramos Rubens Filho/Denis Kakazu Megan Farquhar Bruno Ribeio In order to convey our don't drink and drive message, we utilized bar tabs, adding the actual costs of drunk driving to them, so, in the moment that people were about to get in their cars and drive home, they were forced to think about the consequences for their actions Pedro Costa  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Public Service/Social Welfare Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne AUSTRALIA Guide Dogs Australia "Support Scent" Guide Dogs Victoria Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Melbourne Ricci Meldrum/Nici Henningsen James McGrath Ant Keogh Damian Royce Julian Schreiber Tom Martin David Rosendale Beci Orpin Beci Orpin/Tom Martin Guide Dogs Australia’s sole purpose is ending the isolation that can result from being blind. So when creating support for their cause, we thought it absolutely vital not to exclude the blind. Therefore anything requiring sight, such as ribbons was considered unacceptable. Thus we created something that appeals to another sense entirely – smell. A unisex fragrance called Support Scent, that actually allows the blind to recognize support around them. Priced at $5, all proceeds of the scent, go to the charity. Now a whole new support base for the blind has emerged, with a 33% lift in fund-raising upon launch. Strategic Planner: Mike Hyde Theresa Hoogland/Graeme White  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Public Service/Social Welfare Publicis Indonesia Jakarta INDONESIA Jatam "Mud-Flow" Jaringan Advokasi Tambang (Jatam) Publicis Indonesia Jakarta Maulana Sagala Randy Rinaldi Maulana Sagala Dono Yuniarto/Maulana Sagala/Randy Rinaldi/Achsa Zenada Dimaz Muktiarto/Iswanda Mardio/Randy Rinaldi/Arius Budiman Marco Widjaja Dimaz Muktiarto Reminding the Indonesian President about the fates of the victims of Sidoarjo mud-flow. Agency Producer: Maulana Sagala Helps the victims of Sidoarjo Mud Flow to build their life back. Slamet Daroyni  
Non-Traditional / Campaign Public Service/Social Welfare Campaign Leo Burnett London UNITED KINGDOM House of Cards "House of Cards Exhibition" Shelter Leo Burnett London Gary Simmons Jonathan Burley Daniel Fisher Richard Brim The Shelter House of Cards campaign was designed to raise awareness of the UK housing crisis. It broke in conventional media channels but to really set it apart, the House of Cards Exhibition was launched. This consisted of the ultimate deck of cards, with 52 leading artists each designing a card. To increase publicity, one of the cards was opened up to the public, with 338,000 people voting to decide the winner; and a live poster campaign involving London’s street artists was launched. Finally, an online gallery and limited edition packs of the cards gave the campaign even greater reach. Rachel Murphy  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Retail Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg SWEDEN IKEA "Facebook Showroom" IKEA Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg Lennart Sjöberg Media Agency: Mediaedge:cia Sara Zakariasson  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Retail Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo BRAZIL Burger King "Whopper Face" Burger King Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Carolina Vieira/Virgínia Mendes Anselmo Ramos Michel Lent Angela Bassichetti Eduardo Marques Douglas Kozonoe One hidden cam, one printer and a wrapper. That's all we needed to prove that Burger King® sandwiches are made to order, exactly your way. When customers ordered WHOPPER® burgers, they had their picture taken without noticing it. Customers then got their made-to-order burgers with their faces on the wrappers. That way, Burger King® reinforced the HAVE IT YOUR WAY™ positioning, proving that each sandwich is made to order, especially for the customer. Burger King International asked the Agency to redesign the project to be implemented in BK stores around the world. Head of Art: Denis Kakazu; Voice Over: Zachary Lee    
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Retail DDB Sydney Sydney AUSTRALIA McDonald's "Playland" McDonald's DDB Sydney Sydney Kenny Hill/Sarah Trickey/Georgina Gooley Matt Eastwood Adam Rose Adam Rose/John Downing/Matthew Knapp Adam Rose/Matthew Knapp/John Downing McDonald’s wanted to communicate to adults who rarely paid them a visit. For them, McDonald’s held few emotional ties, and only offered convenience. These people had grown apart from McDonald’s. We needed to re-engage them. The insight was that most adults, regardless of whether they still go to McDonald’s, have fond memories of it from their youth. So, we decided to build an adult-sized Playland to make them feel like kids again. Helen Farquhar Agency TV Producer: Brenden Johnson; Set Designer: Karen Murphy; Production Company: Revolver; Set Construction: Greg Hajdu (Greg Sets Pty Ltd)
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Retail AlmapBBDO São Paulo BRAZIL EPA "Color Scale" EPA AlmapBBDO São Paulo Marcello Serpa Luiz Sanches Marco Gianelli Andre Gola Enrique Lipszyc  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Retail Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder UNITED STATES Burger King "Getafe Soccer King" Burger King Crispin Porter + Bogusky Boulder Laura Bowles/Mason Reed Rob Reilly/Andrew Keller Bill Wright/James Dawson-Hollis Fernando Rubin Tushar Date Content Supervisor: Ana Bermudez Claudia Lezcano  
Non-Traditional / Product/Service Telecommunications Ogilvy Guatemala Guatemala GUATEMALA Claro "Ringtowns" Claro Ogilvy Guatemala Guatemala Gustavo Alejos Ramiro Eduardo Miguel Mayen Ruben Leyton/Herberth Monterroso/Jorge Perez/Jose Contreras Ramiro Eduardo/Miguel Mayen Francisco Coutiño Guatemala's internal migration rates have caused 70% of the population to be settled in the main urban cities, half of them immigrating from rural villages. Idea Mayan dialects have given birth to the names of many of Guatemala’s towns and cities. We turned those names into RINGTOWNS, imitating the ringtones found in mobile phones, while making them available to consumers for free. 30+ RINGTOWNS that used the names of some of the 1,500 towns and cities throughout the country where Claro's coverage can reach. RINGTOWNS spread Claro’s coverage message turning every incoming call or sms into a commercial. Planner: Maria Andrea Salvadó Jose Jorge Castillo